Ángel de Diciembre: Invocando a tu Protector Celestial en el Cierre del Año 1

Angel of December: Invoking your Celestial Protector at the Closing of the Year

In the silence of the night, in the midst of the peace of a cold and starry December, we raise our voices to the sky. “Blessed *angel of December*, guide our steps before the end of the year, bring comfort to our lives and fill our path with light.” This prayer, although it may seem simple, contains in its words the strength of a celestial being that accompanies us in the last days of the year, the angel of December.

The existence of angels has always been surrounded by mystery and fascination. The cases of people who claim to have felt its protection are countless. Like that man who, accustomed to working until the wee hours of the morning during the Christmas season, claims to have been saved from a fatal accident by an angelic presence.

The Angel of December, Heavenly Refuge on the Long Nights

Talk of the *angel of December* is to enter a spiritual universe full of lights and shadows. In ancient cultures, these beings were seen as messengers between the divine and the human, figures of power that provided guidance and protection. Considered custodians of natural cycles, the December angel has the special task of closing the annual cycle, offering strength and hope for the next.

The *angel of December* is especially linked to renewal. Due to the end of the year, it is considered a guardian that helps us close cycles, get rid of what we no longer need and prepare for the new thing to come. It is also associated with celebration, sharing and unity, values very present in the Christmas holidays.

Stories of Angelic Protection

There are countless stories of people who claim to have experienced interventions from this angel. Like the story of Amanda, a woman who tells how on a cold December night, when she was about to lose all her hopes, she felt a strange warmth and a voice inside her that told her “You are not alone. Everything will be fine". From that moment on, Amanda claims to have felt the constant company of the angel December, guiding her through dreams and signs to make decisions that improved her life.

These experiences show us that the presence of the *angel of December* can be closer than we imagine, always ready to provide us with refuge in the most difficult times and help us find the right path. Its protection is not limited to winter nights, but extends throughout the month, giving us its light in the darkness.

In conclusion, the december angel It is a being of light that offers us its protection during the last month of the year. His presence invites us to close with gratitude the cycle that ends, to enjoy of the present and to open our hearts to the wonders that the future has in store for us. Let us remember its existence and make each December an opportunity to renew ourselves, to be better people and to walk with faith towards the new year.

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And so, as we begin with a prayer, we end with one. “Thank you, angel of December, for your protection and guidance. May your light illuminate our way today and always".

Finally, remember that every day is an opportunity to connect with these beings of light. Make space in your day to day to invoke his love and protection, and let the presence of the angel of December accompany you every step.

Thus concludes our essay about the angel from December. We hope it has been useful and that it inspires you to establish a deeper connection with these beings of light.

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Who is the protective angel corresponding to the month of December?

He protective angel corresponding to the month of December is Angel Hanael. This angel is considered one of the seven archangels and is related to joy, peace and harmony. Hanael helps people find love and happiness, develop empathy for others, and live at peace with themselves. He is a perfect mediator in conflicts and his influence supports the search for peaceful solutions. People born in December can call on him to receive his guidance and protection.

How can I call on the guardian angel of December to guide and protect me?

For invoke the Protective Angel of December, whose name is Nemamiah, you must follow a series of steps that will allow you to establish a connection with its spiritual force. It is very important to remember that to obtain effective results you must do it with faith and respect.

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Step 1: Personal preparation

The first step is personal preparation. You should find a quiet and peaceful place, where you will be able to fully concentrate on your intention. It would be ideal if you can get in touch with nature, but any comfortable, quiet place will work.

Step 2: Meditation and visualization

After finding the right spot, do a short meditation to calm your mind and soul. Visualize a bright white light around you, and think about the protection and guidance you wish to receive from it. Nemamiah.

Step 3: Summon

Finally, when you feel ready, you can say the following invocation:

Oh great Nemamiah, Protective Angel of December, I call on you at this moment. I need your guidance and protection on my path, please illuminate my path and help me make the right decisions. I ask you with humility and respect to give me your blessing, and allow me to feel your presence in my life. Amen.

Remember to keep your heart and mind open, and be willing to receive the signs and messages that Nemamiah may send you. Doing this invocation regularly can help you strengthen your connection with your Guardian Angel.

What characteristics and attributes are associated with the December angel in angelological tradition?

He Angel of the month December is Nemamiah. According to angelological tradition, Nemamiah is the angel of justice and freedom, patron of all those who protect and defend just causes. This angel is associated with wisdom, precision, and the ability to make good decisions to improve the quality of life.

Characteristics associated with this angel include:

1. Freedom: Nemamiah is considered the protector of all that involves justice and fairness. It is said to grant people the strength to fight for their independence and freedom.

2. Justice: This angel helps people better understand the concept of justice and act accordingly. Helps individuals pursue a lifestyle that is just and honorable.

3. Wisdom: Through Nemamiah, people can gain divine wisdom, which allows them to understand and analyze situations correctly to make the right decisions.

4. Precision: Nemamiah is known for his ability to help people be precise and meticulous in their work.

5. Courage: This angel gives his protégés the courage necessary to face any challenge or problem.

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It is important to note that although Nemamiah is particularly connected to those born in December, anyone can call upon him for guidance and protection. Be sure to do so with respect and sincere devotion, asking for their help in defending just causes, gaining independence, and gaining greater wisdom.

How does the December angel influence people born in this month?

The angel of December is known as Haaiah, qualities of wisdom, understanding and patience are attributed to him. It embodies truth and justice, guiding people born in this month towards correct decisions and inspiring them to seek and defend the truth.

Those born under the influence of Haaiah are individuals who like to live in harmony with their environment. They are people with a strong sense of justice and a keen perception of right and wrong. Their honesty and solid principles make them valued and respected by those around them.

The angel influence Haaiah He instills in his protégés deep insight and the ability to make fair decisions. It guides them to detect lies and deception, and inspires a love for truth and justice.

Individuals born in December often possess great patience, which is fueled by the influence of the angel of their month. This patience, combined with the wisdom instilled by Haaiah, allows them to understand and manage conflict situations effectively, always seeking a fair and equitable resolution.

In summary, the december angel, Haaiah, has a strong influence on the lives of people born in this month, instilling in them values of truth, justice, patience and wisdom. He guides them on the path of righteousness and helps them shine with their own light of integrity and understanding.

What is the history or mythological background of the protective angel of December?

The protective angel of December is Archangel Gabriel, whose name means "God is my strength." In the context of protective angels, this archangel appears in multiple sacred texts and religions. He is the most important messenger of God, since it is he who announces significant events.

Gabriel's story begins in the Jewish religion, where he stands out as the angel who interpreted the visions of the prophet Daniel. He is also credited with being **the bearer of good news** to the parents of John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary in Christian tradition. In Islam, Gabriel is recognized as Jibril, who revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.

As a protective angel for those born in December, **Gabriel offers wisdom and understanding**. He is a great communicator and inspires his protégés to seek truth, appreciate beauty, and value relationships.

This archangel is also related to the **moon, dreams and intuition**. Those born under their protection tend to be sensitive, emotional and very intuitive. They are often considered creative and dreamers.

In summary, Archangel Gabriel, as protector of December, provides his charges with the ability to interpret dreams, to see beyond the obvious, and to **communicate effectively**. It invites introspection and the search for truth and beauty in all things.

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