Julio Iluminado: Despertando al Ángel Protector del Mes Nueve 1

Illuminated July: Awakening the Protective Angel of the Ninth Month

Listen, attentive soul, to the whisper of a divine love that is announced. Grant to this offering of words the sweet perfume and gentle guidance of the Angel of July|9, the one whose name reverberates with the intimate light of hope and protection. I remember one sunny day in July, when the bliss of this heavenly being revealed itself in my life, transforming it forever…

Anguish at dawn and an unexpected meeting

Being young and living in a small town, I encountered difficulties that seemed insurmountable. Unemployment and illness had wreaked havoc on my home, and each day I woke up with the heavy burden of uncertainty. One July 9, immersed in helplessness, I felt the urgent need to seek solace in the solitude of a nearby chapel. In that place, as tears blurred my eyes, I experienced something inexplicable. I felt a calming presence, a soft, cool breath that seemed to whisper words of healing and encouragement. There was no one around me, only me... and He, the Angel of July|9.

The protective light of the Angel of July|9

Angels are divine, luminous and pure messengers, whose primary mission is to guide and protect each of us. This celestial being, whose name is echoed during the month of July, specializes in providing protection during periods of intense personal crisis. His inner voice guides us towards spiritual peace, giving us strength to overcome any storm.

His voice that calms

He Angel of July|9 has a voice that It silences fears, encourages weak hearts and transmits an unequivocal message of love and faith. The echoes of his word can be perceived by those who listen in silence, connecting with the higher energy that fills everything, that encompasses everything. Through meditation and prayer, we can resonate with its frequency, allowing ourselves to receive its guidance and feel its invisible but comforting embrace.

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Invoking his protection

To receive the nourishing protection of the Angel July|9, no complex ritual is necessary. It is enough to adopt a serene attitude and open our hearts to his presence. Invoking it through thought, accompanied by an attitude of gratitude and detachment, allows your light penetrate our being, cleansing our wounds and strengthening our determination to face life's challenges.

A testimony of hope

Since that July 9, my life changed radically. The difficulties did not disappear instantly, but an inner strength invaded me, allowing me to face them with courage and optimism. Soon, new opportunities arose and health returned to my home. All this, I am convinced, under the loving gaze of the angel July|9. He remains a constant in my life, a confidant in difficult times, a bright light in the darkness.

In every dawn, in every sunset, in every breath of wind that touches my face, I perceive his divine presence, his immutable promise of eternal protection. May these words inspire those who go through moments of storm to seek refuge in his divine embrace, to find in his presence unsurpassable strength. Always remember, reading soul, that you are not alone. He Angel of July|9 is here to you, as it was, and always will be, for me.

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What is the name of the protective angel corresponding to the month of July?

He protective angel corresponding to the month of July is called Verchiel. This is one of the angels of the Kabbalah, and is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. Verchiel is known for bringing encouragement, optimism, and ardor to those under his influence.

What characteristics and abilities are attributed to the protective angel of July?

He protective angel July is Verchiel. This angel, according to Christian and Jewish tradition, is recognized like the ruling angel of the month of July and are attributed a series of unique characteristics and abilities.

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To begin with, Verchiel is recognized as an angel of blessing, abundance and prosperity. Therefore, those who invoke this angel can expect to be blessed with good fortune and success in their pursuits. Additionally, Verchiel is also associated with the energies of abundance, meaning it can help people manifest what they need or desire in their lives.

Verchiel is also credited with the power of influence feelings and emotions, being able to help calm stress or anxiety and promote inner peace. This makes this angel especially helpful for those who are going through emotionally difficult times.

Finally, another important ability of Verchiel is his ability to promote harmony in interpersonal relationships. By invoking this angel, people can find help in resolving conflicts or misunderstandings and improving their relationships with others.

In summary, Verchiel, as July's protective angel, is associated with prosperity, managing emotions, and improving interpersonal relationships. By invoking him, people can seek his protection and guidance in these areas.

How can I invoke the protective angel of July and what is the best time to do it?

July's protective angel is Verchiel, a celestial being that symbolizes generosity and patience. To establish a communication channel with Verchiel, you can follow these steps:

1. Space preparation: Find a quiet, calm place in your home where you can be alone. You could light an orange or gold candle, the colors associated with this angel, to help set the right mood.

2. Protection request: Ask for protection from higher forces with a prayer or meditation. This ensures a safe environment to make the invocation.

3. Concentration and meditation: Close your eyes and focus your mind on Verchiel. Visualize it as a bright golden light shining brightly. Try to feel their energy full of love and understanding.

4. Invocation: In a respectful and sincere manner, ask Verchiel to come to you. You can say something like: “Verchiel, angel of generosity and patience, I call upon you at this moment. Please come to me and help me find understanding and patience in my life. I thank you for your guidance and protection.

5. Gratitude: He ends the invocation by thanking Verchiel for his presence and help. Be sure to show gratitude and respect towards this powerful angel.

To maximize your chances of success when summoning Verchiel, it is suggested to do so during the day, as this angel is most active during daylight hours. Also, it is preferable to do during the month of July, when its influence is strongest.

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Always remember to perform the invocation with respect and from the heart. Angels respond to genuine sincerity and love.

What messages and teachings does the protective angel of the month of July usually transmit?

He protective angel of The month of July is **Archangel Michael**. This angel is one of the best known and respected, as it symbolizes **strength**, **courage** and **protection**. Miguel, whose name means "Who is like God?", is shown with a flaming sword, ready to protect those who need it.

The teachings and messages transmitted by Archangel Michael are varied and of great importance for developing our spirituality and internal strength. Here I mention some:

1. **Fight against adversity**: Archangel Michael is known for his bravery and strength. In this sense, it teaches us to fight against adversity and not give up in the face of difficulties. It is a constant reminder that we should always fight for what we want and that we are never alone in our battles.

2. **Spiritual protection**: This angel is a great protector, especially when it comes to our spirituality. It encourages us to protect our spirit from negative things and to care for our relationship with the divine.

3. **Bravery and courage**: Archangel Michael is a symbol of bravery and courage. His presence reminds us that we must always be brave and face our fears with courage.

4. **Truth and justice**: Miguel is also an angel of truth and justice. It calls us to always seek the truth and do what is right, even when it is difficult.

5. **Healing**: Although this aspect is less known, Archangel Michael is also an angel of healing. It helps us heal our hearts and our wounds, both physical and emotional.

In short, Archangel Michael, as a protective angel month of July, invites us to be brave, to fight for what we believe, to protect our spirituality, to seek truth and justice, and to heal our wounds. Its messages and teachings are fundamental to leading a full life and aware of our capabilities and potentials.

Is there a specific prayer to communicate with the angel of July?

Yes, there is a specific prayer to communicate with the Angel of Julio, whose name is Verchiel. People born in this month have Verchiel as their protective angel. He is associated with joy, kindness, mercy and gratitude.

Here I present a prayer to communicate with Angel Verchiel:

Angel Verchiel, divine guardian of all those born in July,

I come before you with a humble heart full of gratitude,

I beg your divine intercession, your loving protection and guidance.

Help me find joy in the little things in life,

Inspire me to be kind and generous with those I meet on my way.

Please help me to always remember the importance of gratitude,

And to never take anything or anyone for granted.

Your presence is a gift, and your protection is a comfort.

Thank you for your constant guidance and protection.

Angel of July, Verchiel,

Your light guides me, and your love sustains me.


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