Tus Alas Ocultas: Descubriendo al Ángel de Noviembre, tu Protector Celestial 1

Your Hidden Wings: Discovering the Angel of November, your Celestial Protector

I will begin with a prayer that I have placed in my heart for years: “Blessed are the heavenly messengers, who guide and protect us on our path through life. In particular, I thank the angel of November, protector and guide for those born under his custody.

Today I want to talk to you about a very particular angel, the one who is in charge of protecting the souls that come to this world in the month of November. The call november angel, a being full of light and goodness, custodian of the mysteries of transition and change.

The Angel of November

The angel of November, also known as Samandiriel, is a divine messenger of great importance in the celestial hierarchy. Known as the angel of imagination and dreams, his presence is a constant source of inspiration for his protégés.

In various angelological traditions, the November angel is considered the guardian of the imagination, responsible for awakening and nourishing our ability to dream and create.

Inspiration and Creativity in the Hands of the Angel of November

The angel of November has the mission of keeping the creative spark alive in us. To do this, it awakens ideas and thoughts in our minds that motivate us to look for beauty in everything that surrounds us.

But it is not only limited to this. During this month, renewing powers are also attributed to it. It is said that the energy of the angel of November can help people overcome difficult times, providing strength and resilience to face any challenge.

Anecdote of the November Angel

I want to share with you an anecdote that speaks of magic and wisdom of the angel of November. A few years ago, I met a woman who was born in November. She confided to me that, in her childhood, she had to face numerous difficulties that, far from breaking her down, strengthened her spirit.

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Despite adversity, he maintained contagious enthusiasm and overflowing creativity. He created beautiful works of art and dreamed of colors and shapes that seemed to emerge from another world.

One day, while he was painting, he felt a presence next to him. Turning around, he saw an ethereal figure, a being of light with a dreamy quality. Immediately, he knew it was his protective angel, the angel of November.

From that meeting, the woman felt even more inspired. His works of art began to reflect the beauty and magnificence of the angelic realm. His paintings became more vibrant, more full of life, as if they were imbued with the same light that he had seen in his angel.

Through his art, and with the inspiration of his protective angel, has managed to overcome the obstacles in his life, always radiating a strength and creativity that surprises everyone around him. This is a clear example of how the angel of November can influence our lives.

The loving presence of the angel November invites us to dream and create, to explore our imagination and discover new ways of seeing the world. It inspires us to keep the spark of creativity alive, to embrace the beauty of dreams and to unleash our fantasy. It is a divine reminder that each of us carries within us a world of infinite possibilities, just waiting to be discovered.

At the end of the path, when the time comes to close the cycle of existence, the November angel will remind us of the dreams that we create and the stories we tell. And, in that memory, we will find the true essence of who we are: beings created to dream, to imagine and to love.

And so, as in the artist's anecdote, the angel of November continues to illuminate our paths, inspiring creations and guiding us towards the realization of our dreams.


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Who is the protective angel of the month of November?

He protective angel of November is the month angel samuel. Commonly known as the angel of temptation, Samuel is considered an angel of great power and authority. Its influence on humans is believed to be especially strong during this month. This angel helps people resist temptations and live a life that is aligned with their personal beliefs and values. Samuel It offers protection and guidance, allowing people to make wise decisions and remain firm in their goals and convictions.

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How can I invoke the angel of November for my protection?

Invoke the protective angel of November, which is the angel **Adnachiel**, is a personal and intimate process that is based on your faith and devotion. Here I explain the basic steps you could follow:

1. Preparation: Find a quiet place where you can concentrate without being interrupted. You can light a yellow or gold candle, as these colors are associated with Adnachiel.

2. Relaxation: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to help you relax and focus on your intention.

3. Invocation: With a clear and strong voice, but always maintaining serenity, say the following words: «Adnachiel, angel of November, I call on you at this moment. I request your protection and guidance. Help me to follow the right path and make the right decisions in my life.”

4. Mediation: After making the invocation, meditate for a few minutes, visualizing like the light of the angel Adnachiel surrounds you and protects you.

5. Gratitude: Finish your ritual by thanking Adnachiel for his presence and help.

Remember, the effectiveness of this ritual depends on your faith and your sincerity when performing it. The angels are always eager to help us, but they need us to be open and sincere in our calling.

What are the special characteristics of the protective angel of the month of November?

He protective angel of November is Adnachiel.

Adnachiel is one of the powerful protective angels that belong to the hierarchy of archangels, considered one of the most powerful and majestic. Its main features are:

Power and Dominion: Adnachiel has mastery over independence and personal authenticity. It instills the courage to be who we really are, without masks or falsehoods.

Freedom: It governs freedom and personal evolution. It helps us free ourselves from the chains that bind us, whether physical or emotional, and empowers us to follow our own path.

Personal Expression: This protective angel helps us express our ideas and feelings freely and respectfully. It teaches us that our voice is important and worth listening to.

Purification: Adnachiel has an important role in purifying our negative emotions and thoughts. It helps us eliminate everything that does not allow us to move forward.

Veracity: This angel guides our steps towards The truth helps us discern between what is true and what is false, both in ourselves and in others.

People born under the influence of this angel are usually independent, brave, free thinkers, and are always looking for the truth in all situations. Their guiding light helps them stay on the right path, illuminating their path in times of darkness.

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How does the November angel influence the life and protection of people born in this month?

The angel of November, known as Samuel, has a significant influence on the lives and protection of people born in this month.

According to angelic beliefs, Samuel is he angel of hope and spiritual strength. Its presence brings a sense of optimism and courage to those born in November, providing them with the energy necessary to overcome any challenge that may arise in their lives.

This protective angel strengthens faith and introspection in people, allowing them to have a deeper connection with their inner self and with the spiritual world. This is helpful for those times of doubt or uncertainty, as Samuel provides clarity and direction to make sound decisions.

Besides, Samuel offers spiritual protection against bad energies and forces negative. People in your care tend to feel safe and secure at all times, allowing them to move forward in life with confidence and without fear.

It is important to note that Samuel also represents justice and truth. Those born in November tend to have a strong perception of what is right and wrong, thanks to the influence of this angel. Likewise, they are people who value honesty and transparency in all their relationships.

Finally, Samuel's presence in their lives increases the healing ability, both physically and emotionally. Those born in November may discover a gift for healing others or themselves, whether through medicine, alternative therapies, or simply through the power of love and kindness.

In conclusion, the angel of November, Samuel, plays a crucial role in the lives of these people, offering them his guidance, protection and spiritual strength to face any challenge with faith and courage.

Are there specific prayers to communicate with the protective angel of November?

If they exist specific prayers to invoke and communicate with the angel protector that corresponds to the month of November, known in angelic tradition as Samuel or Samael. Here I provide you with an example sentence:

Prayer to Samuel, Protective Angel of November:

«Beloved Samuel,

Angel that you protect and accompany during this month of November,
I call on you and ask you to guide me in my daily actions.
You are light in the darkness, you are protection in uncertainty.

By the divine goodness of the Creator who sent you,
I beg you to help me go through this month with serenity and peace.
Inspire me to always do the right thing and keep any negative thoughts away from me.

With humility, I recognize your influence in my life,
and I ask you to help me strengthen my faith in these uncertain times.
Guide me on my path and help me grow spiritually.

Be my light and my protection,
May your wings protect me from all evil.
Under your protection and guidance, I trust to live this month with harmony and love.

I thank you, Samuel,
For your constant presence and for your loving protection.
So be it."

Remember that faith and sincerity are fundamental elements when communicating with your protective angel. Keep your heart and mind open to His guidance and protection.

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