Attribute: Virtuous God.

Planet: Jupiter.

Angelic Choir: Dominations.

Sephirah: Chessed.

Regency hours: from 12 to 12:20.

It is invoked for:

  • To push us to solve difficult situations.
  • Promote harmony between different people.
  • Reveal secrets about nature to us.
  • Be inspired by conferences and meditations.
  • Help us express ourselves more easily.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He will be a celebrity who will distinguish himself by his talents and by his messages of enthusiasm and good astronomy. Sometimes he will become satirical with crazy and revolutionary ideas but what he can expose to the public will be significant. He will only accept a job offer or a higher social status if it does not run counter to his spiritual inspirations. His firm self-control will prevent him from yielding to accommodating temptations. His mentalizations for a better world through prayer or meditation especially favor all those who have a regency angel of this category. You will have a small circle of constant and faithful friends, the possibility of marrying young, often choosing older personal ones. You will fight for the well-being of your children, remaining sad if they do not take advantage of the opportunities offered. You will enjoy many privileges, obtaining good results in contests, public or literary disputes. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

Restore us, Lord God Almighty;
make your face shine upon us,
and save us.

Psalm 80:19


Nature classes used to be very boring, and all the kids agreed on that. The teacher talked, talked, and all he could do was put the students to sleep. This was so much so that for many when the day came that he played naturals they even got sick.

Well, this was so, until one day and who knows if by the hands of chance or because life wanted to reward the efforts of those children, Don Javier, the teacher who had the art of boring them, suffered an unfortunate accident that would prevent him from attending class throughout the course.

That situation, although it came to change things a little, was not received with much pleasure either. They had such a bad memory of naturals that the substitute of Don Javier, could hardly change that vision.

But they would be wrong, since on the first day of classes with the new teacher, Don Aniel, many were pleasantly surprised.

-Well," said Don Aniel after introducing himself and noting the general apathy of the pupils, "you will put your books away and we will prepare to make an expedition to the country. Today we are going to study the growth cycle of plants.

Those words were so unfamiliar that, well, at first everyone looked very surprised, but in the end everyone expressed their response in the same way.

-Good! -exclaimed some of them, while others merely complied with the teacher's advice in a hurry.

Without realizing it, they were already on their way. Between jumps and runs, Don Aniel was putting in order. Soon after, they reached an area where the vegetation was growing abundantly and he understood that this place was magnificent to carry out his experience.

The students were gradually interested in what Don Aniel was telling them. The contact with nature was gaining their attention and the proof of this were those questions that the teacher had to answer.

- Why do trees bear fruit? -asked one of the most alert of the group.

-Well, maybe your classmates can answer you," said Don Aniel, trying to involve the others. But none of them knew how to answer.

-Let me tell you a story and maybe you'll know how to answer in the end:

Long ago there was a very powerful king named Kether. He was very lucky, for he had two wise counselors, Hochmah and Binah. However, one day it was said that he should create a kingdom in which he could reign, as Hochmah wanted to increase his wisdom and Binah his intelligence.

To this end, King Kether called together his two counsellors and said to them: What do you need to carry out your plan?

Hochmah asked her to become a fertilizing force, and Binah a crystallizing force. Well," said the king, "it will be granted to you, and in gratitude for your efforts, I will be the inseminating force. In this way, Kether became a seed, Hochmah became a fertilizing water and Binah became a fertilizing soil, and they joined forces to achieve a kingdom in which all could reign. That kingdom would be Hesed, and he was recognized as the heir to all three.

That kingdom was fruitful and bore much fruit, and both the king and his two counsellors lived happily with their work.

Don Aniel ended his story and had barely done so when one of the students had already raised his hand.

-Don Aniel," he said, "the fruit is like the kingdom of Hesed, it is the work of creation. It is the goal that we must all pursue, isn't it? -asked that intelligent student.

-That's right," answered Don Aniel, "I see you've learned your lesson.

From that day on, naturally it stopped being a nightmare, and became the most expected subject.


31 thoughts on “Aniel”

  1. someone knows what the part where it says ssefirah:jesed means that part of the angel aniel

  2. How nice it is to meet my angel Aniel and the coincidences exist because my name is Annielluz I have his name is very nice to know I was born on 29/11/1995

  3. Hello! Today I knew that I am not alone, I called my angel ANIEL for a domestic problem, almost minor for anyone and it was solved immediately! THANK YOU ANGEL ANIEL!!!!

  4. namaste is exactly like me it was and will be since my childhood!!!!! 18 9 1938 nothing is CASUAL111!!!!!!!adonai kadosh kadosh tsebaaot sela!!ma she iejie ie I know I am!!!!!!

  5. Maria Aurelia Gaitan

    Thank you, I no longer feel alone, I will always be accompanied by my angel ANIEL

  6. Ale Castellanos

    Hi Gloria I am writing to you because I too was born on April 24, 1956 and I have never known anyone who was born on the same day as me, I send you a hug because soon it will be our birthday, God bless you.

  7. Luis David Lorenzana

    I didn't know the name of my Guardian Angel, until now I knew and the story is interesting.

  8. Really wonderful, I LOVE YOU ANGEL ANIEL! I have always believed that we have an angel, that everything we live is for some special reason. About me, what can I say? I have a special contact with animals, with children and the elderly, every time I am surrounded by them, I feel their auras and I see them very clearly. Even so, I continue to be surprised and in turn infinitely grateful to my angel, who is the one who guides me and puts in the path of my life each of those special experiences. I love to serve, be useful and get others to be able to help themselves in some way. I do not believe in the impossible, while more I am told that there are impossible, I cling to everything I can in my angel who guides me and helps me, to achieve that others go forward. God, thank you for giving me this beautiful angel! Namaste!!!

  9. I will be attentive ........ I was born on November 29, 1948 and I feel that my Angel has taken care of me a lot; now I have health problems due to a duel and I hope that he will help me .......
    Light Hugs

  10. I was moved, I was born on 18 9 1938...just as I am and I will be loved! We have my angel Aniel, grateful, I have never felt alone since I was a little girl and when I went to bed I was accompanied there and back!!!!in my dreams to my star that I would like to know what I am rhN group b--<<<<< I don't know why since I was a child, I suddenly felt like counting from 2 to 2 to 3 and so on I don't like math if classical music starting with mozart means anything ?thanks a thousand eons of light peace on earth in the heights and under the sea amen

  11. sussy soraya barros duran

    I find it very nice and interesting since nature is life and the whole universe

  12. I find it interesting that in my state I suffer from mental disorder.

    I need to be the work of my mental creation.

  13. beautiful story ... I loved knowing this beautiful ANGEL through this medium because nothing is ever by coincidence,,, and today it remains in my heart to transmit it thanks

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