Attribute: God who shows the truth.

Planet: Sun.

Angelic Choir: Principalities.

Sephirah: Tiferet.

Regency hours: from 15: 20 to 1 5:40 hours.

It is invoked for:

  • To give us protection from scandal and immorality.
  • Let the truth shine out in hidden situations and to guide us towards appropriate behaviour.
  • To understand the divine things represented in nature.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He who is born under his regency will be sweet, tender and have a pleasant character and his charisma will stand out. He is just par excellence, incorruptible and of high faith. Truth will be a constant in his attitudes; he is extremely dynamic, living his day-to-day life, taking advantage of every second to realize every idea that comes up. He will go beyond his own strength, but without exhausting himself. He is elegant and firm and has great self-control. He will be subject to sacrifices in pursuit of his ideals. His aura of wisdom is verified as a sign on his forehead. He does not like confusions, mainly those of a sentimental nature. He is proud without being snobbish and accepts sincerely other people's doctrines. He will always be changing form without altering the divine essence. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

O Lord, how awesome are your works,
and how deep your thoughts go!

Psalm 92:5


When all the children were having fun playing with each other, we could rarely find Asaliah in the group participating in the game.

There was something that interested him much more than those children's entertainments, at least that was how he saw it who was not older than his peers.

At that time, the only thing the young man was worried about was catching some grasshoppers or even some mice to subject them to his scientific research.

Yes, you know what the extravagant Asaliah spends his free time on. His greatest wish was to know the reason why, and on that day he wondered why the grasshopper was green and jumped so easily.

With a very sharp knife he opened it in two parts and what was his joy when he found that those green particles he found inside must have been the reason why the grasshopper was green.

In truth, what speaks out was the food scraps that the poor insect had ingested moments before it was caught.

Over the years, Asaliah didn't change at all, in fact, he had become a very intelligent young man who had just decided what he was going to be in the future. A doctor, he was going to be a good doctor.

During the first years, Asaliah took a lot of interest in her studies and thanks to this she obtained very good results.

The time had come that I had always hoped for, the practice of anatomy. I had the opportunity to know what was inside the human body. I had always dreamed of that moment.

There I was, standing in front of a lifeless body. The teacher was explaining the organs one by one, and Asaliah, unable to control herself, was anticipating this one, and before he said the name he had already done so.

Asaliah was very impressed by all those experiences, but he would be even more so when he lived through the events that awaited him that night.

He had just left himself in the hands of the lady of the dream, when he suddenly found himself in the hospital where he was doing his studies. Next to him a strange character, with whom he seemed to have a mysterious relationship, was guiding him.

-Asaliah approached and observed," said her companion, pointing to some scenes.

Before the young man appeared a dying man. He was very sick and his heart had just stopped. Immediately, the doctor and nurses came and tried to revive him, but they could not. At that moment, from the body of the newly deceased emerged a cord of light, and little by little that light adopted outside the lifeless body, its very image.

Asaliah then realized that he was in the world of the dead, and before him was the spirit of the newly deceased.

-But how can this be? -I ask his companion, "I never thought that life would continue after death.

-Keep watching Asaliah, observe and don't miss any details," his companion advised again.

The spirit that had just left the body of the deceased felt a deep pain. Asaliah wanted to know why, and she found out they were doing an autopsy. That which he had so often done to grasshoppers and mice.

That spirit was deprived of the possibility of learning from the experiences he had lived. He was thus sentenced to live them again.

Asaliah returned to his body and felt exhausted. Those experiences had affected him so much.

That day at the hospital's anatomical institute, she was supposed to participate in an autopsy, but Asaliah would not. He wanted to convince the teachers of the mistake they were making, but they took him for a madman.

Since then, the intelligent young man has devoted himself to defending the rights of the deceased and with his work he has managed to stop these practices. Many spirits would be truly grateful to him.


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  1. claudia ruiz

    hello as i do to ask you and what color candle and day corresponds thanks

  2. I want to know what angel protects me and what his name is and what day is good for me

  3. Rosa Gloria Mendez

    Dear God, and blessed be He. Thank you, Asaliah, for the way you fight. Thank you for being my angel.

  4. I did not understand very well about my anel Azaliath, he was a man before he was an angel, this contradicts everything I had heard about angels, so they have always been pure spirits, not human, please explain to me. Thank you. A hug.

  5. Dulina Jacqueline Sanchez

    is very positive, real my Angel, and describes me as such, Namaste.

  6. Dulina Jacqueline Sanchez

    Thanks for the message and your dedication, is it possible for me to participate as a coach on your site?

  7. Good morning. I just found out the name of my guardian angel Asaliah, I want her to help me get my work order, which I need so badly! Beautiful my Angel!!!

  8. erick saldana samudio

    Thank you for all the beautiful and profound information. Blessings

  9. I am Spiritual

    Exactly... because God's angels are 72 angels, not 365, so one angel spans several days.

    Light and blessings.

  10. There are the dates that run, for example, this angel corresponds to the 5th of May. February 21st. September 28th and December 10th. And so on. Thank you

  11. If I am like that and am always protected from that and many things, I don't know if all of us K Asaliah are taken care of <3

  12. Maria Olga Garcia

    😀 Thank you...very motivating to know these stories! BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!

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    So many things came to mind. And there was one thing that didn't happen. God knows why

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