Name: Cahetel: "Adorable God".

Choir: Seraphim, Angels in the service of Kether-Volunteer.Angel

What it gives:

  • God's blessing and casting out evil spirits.
  • Abundant agricultural harvests and success in the farming industry.
  • Inspiration to rise up to God and discover Him.
  • Love for work.

It helps against the luck, spells and spells of the enemies.

Lesson: Overcoming vanity and the servitude of abundance

Planet: Mercury

Bible quote:

Come, let us bow down reverently,
let's bend the knee
before the Lord our Maker.

Psalm 95:6

Those born under your regency:


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They possess harmony in their character by balancing the spiritual with the material.

They are mature and master their impulses. They have a clear vision of the world and its laws and always go forward in what they set out to do.

Because of their maturity they sometimes feel uneasy about their social group, family and friends because they have difficulty understanding them.

They follow their heart and with great intuition show themselves humble in order to transmit their knowledge and wisdom.

They are not afraid of anything and are always willing to go on a trip, with their luggage ready.

He will be able to be a pioneer in agricultural production, he will know how to share his prosperity with those closest to him, although he can attribute his success to luck, he always thanks God for everything he achieves.



Cahetel: "The Defeat of Belial"

Evil's haunts were spread all over the land. It was like an imperceptible moon breeze that slowly contaminated everything in its path. Those who breathed in its nauseating stench were prisoners of its spell and were lost in the maze of passion.

Thus it was that the hosts of darkness, a terrible and powerful army, recruited new forces day by day. They were expert and skillful seducers, and their sinister songs drowned out the melodious compassion of sweet harmony.

So were things in those dismal days, and yet there was still a forgotten corner of the earth where the destroying hand of darkness had not reached.

- The world is ours, and the power we possess is immense. We will dominate the Elements and the Fire, the Water, the Air and the Earth, just as every living being will have to kneel at our feet.

He was the prince of the infernal legions, who in his unbridled desire to do evil had tempted man, and he had yielded to his seduction.

That victory made him proud, almost a God, but that celebration would not last long, for the words of his lieutenant would make his entrance bitter.

- Prince Belial, we have not yet mastered the whole earth," he said fearfully.

- How? -I cry out, blinded by anger, the evil Belial.

- There is a small and humble region in the Kehod region. It is fertile and prosperous, but its inhabitants should not worry us," answered your servant.

- You're wrong, there must be no soul left that does not serve my throne. Go and offer him my services. I soon await your answer," said Belial threateningly.

This is how the quiet villages of Kehob received the unexpected visit of the legions of shadows. Suddenly they deployed their power and sought to spread their darkness over the hearts of those innocent souls, but that attempt failed, for a strange and powerful aura protected them.

- It is not possible," whispered Belial's faithful servant, "our spells can do nothing against his will.

Failed, he returned to his headquarters in the depths of the abyss and told his boss and master what had happened.

The news triggered Belial's anger and rage, and his disappointment was such that the depths of the earth were broken with grief.

- I invoke the Salamanders, spirits of the infernal fire, the Undines, spirits of the rotten waters and the Elves, spirits of the devastating plagues. I invoke you in the name of Satan our Lord. Pour out your wickedness upon the land of Kehob and let it become the pasture of destruction.

And those elementals came to life and served Prince Belial. However, in the region of Kehob an invocation was also raised. It was Cahetel who made it by imploring the goodness of God, the Supreme Creator.

The Salamanders provoked their fire, the Undines contaminated the waters and the Elves invaded the fields with insect plagues, but from the sky and at the voice of Cahetel, the pure waters of Hochmah fell putting an end to that failed attempt of destruction.

From that day the power of Belial diminished, and little by little, other villages imitated the pure souls of Kehob, and soon the evil withdrew.


27 thoughts on “Cahetel”

  1. Willy alejandro rovere celorio

    Well I want to thank you for this great blessing of knowing which one has been my guardian angel that God bless you

  2. Miguel Angel Viana Gutierrez

    Beautiful message. And happier to know the beautiful meaning of my guardian angel's name.

  3. interesting story but where are these imaginary places? No description.



  5. Miguel Molina

    I like to have this angel as my guardian and I'm not saying that it has helped me because I have not done it but I think that when I killed him it was for love of his personality and not out of obligation so thanks for being in my heart and be my guardian angel

  6. Very beautiful, to know that you have your own guardian angel, every day I feel closer to them.
    Thank you for everything and for listening to my needs... I love you with all my heart.

  7. Thank you very much. My Angel is wonderful and represents me just as I am. He will now be my guide.

  8. When you go on the path of light, and you let yourself be guided, as is my case in my maturity, I tell you that my angel is a kahete and I have done in this life what is granted to me
    put light in the dark .........

  9. I am going through difficult times at work, in the aspect of companionship, they treat me with distrust and try to discredit me in front of others because of problems caused by them and they think I am happy for what they are going through or they think I have harmed them.
    How should I deal with this problem. My angel will be able to help me.

  10. Very good...I liked it very much....and the reading...makes us meditate on how we should ask our angel and learn to abandon ourselves in God...because He is always with us, when our attitudes are right...and maintain the purity of our difficult...but with the help of our angel we will achieve it....Namaste... 😛

  11. Adriana Vasquez Perdomo

    How can I activate my angel so that my work is prosperity and peace of mind?
    I really liked the passage and the similarity between what I am and what you present is more than a 90%.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  12. 🙂 😡 It's very beautiful all the reading and it leaves me with three things. The first is trust in God. The second: Serenity to do the right thing and the third: patience to work with the obstacles that come up. Thank you for giving us readings that leave us wisdom for life

  13. Beautiful biblical passage. It is true and perfect, the conviction of the good for the good overcomes the evils, fears, and apprehensions. Who like God dr the heavens. Amen

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