Name: Caliel "God is ready to help".

Chorus: Thrones, Angels in the service of Binah-Ley.

What it gives:

  • Help in the face of adversity..
  • Knowing the truth in lawsuits, making innocence triumph.
  • Confusion of guilty and false witnesses.
  • It distinguishes those who are dedicated to the judiciary.
  • It protects from the scandals and cons the maneuvers of the low and creeping men.

Lesson: Understanding the application of justice

Planet: Uranus.

Sefirah: Hojmah.

Regency hours: from 5:40 to 6 hours

It is invoked for:

Finding a good defender in legal proceedings.

To provide us with relief in the face of adversity so that the truths in the processes may emerge.

Bible quote:

Judge me according to your justice, Lord my God;
don't let them make fun of me.

Psalm 35:24

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Evolved aspect: he is intelligent, irreverent, charismatic and has a strong personal magnetism. He has extraordinary intuition, especially when it comes to discovering the truth. It is enough for them to look to identify the true intention. He does not like what is vague, abstract, always wanting to understand everything in all its details. He has great sagacity, enormous patience, perseverance. He analyzes any situation in a cold and objective way. He is incorruptible and loves justice, truth and integrity. He analyzes with love every small manifestation of daily life. His logic will be unassailable, he is a true magician who manages to perform miracles by his intense faith. [/sociallocker]

Caliel : "Overcoming Adversity"

For Taron, everything that was happening made no sense. He'd always heard the old folks say that if you go wrong, you go wrong. However, he felt that his steps were on the right track and that he should not be a victim of the adversity that befell him in those days.

I'd never listen to the advice of the elders again. I would never believe in anything other than their own reasoning. Life was hard with Taron, the eldest of three siblings, and he would bear all the responsibility for their upkeep and education, since his parents had just left the material world and passed the Threshold of Eternal Life.

- Why that misfortune? -the young man asked himself again and again.

With this doubt, our friend grew up, and the years would not pass in vain. Each day that passed was like a lesson that Taron incorporated into his life, and very soon, that innocent boy would become a responsible adult.

There were times when Taron despaired, felt powerless to move forward. There were many times when the feeling of unhappiness was so strong that he thought of abandoning everything and running away from that oppression, but always at the last moment he gave up trying.

That afternoon Taron had come home from work very early and was very tired, so he soon left his body in the hands of the comforting sleep. During the night Taron's soul moved to the Wish World and there he had an interesting experience.

- High Taron, you stand before the Gate of the Great Temple of Knowledge. Only those who know how to unveil the Secret Enigma will be able to pierce its veil.

These were the words of Caliel, the Elder who guarded the access to the Temple of the Mysteries.

- What's the riddle? -asked the young man.

- Answer me this question: what is the reason for the suffering?

Taron thought deeply about the question. He remembered his own life and gathered all the knowledge he had learned in it, and saw how what he wanted least was imposed upon him, and he understood what he was to learn from it. Then he answered:

- The reason for suffering cannot be other than learning to do well what we did wrong in another time.

Suddenly the Doors of the Great Temple of Knowledge opened, and Taron was able to penetrate inside. There he could know the cause of his adversity. He saw how he had once abandoned his family, preferring to live for his personal glory.

With the memory of that experience in the World of Desire, Taron had become a new man. From that day on, he never again felt the need to escape his trial, and what had been adverse for a long time had ceased to be so.


30 thoughts on “Caliel”

  1. Grazie Signore per avermi affidato a CALIEL, il mio Angelo custode che mi guida verse la verità e la giustizia, my consiglia prudenza e mi indica le sew giuste della vita, bontà, onestà e rettitudine, in a world dove il male è always in agguato . Aiutami, my Caliel, to neutralize my nemici in the work and to make my eyes free forever.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Caliel for your protection.

  2. I am very happy and relieved to know that Caliel is my guardian angel. But all this is curious to me. I didn't look for him, he looked for me.
    Every morning I woke up at 5:55 am and I didn't know why. Until I looked on a page and found that it was the mirror hour with which Caliel is trying to communicate. I thought it was pure coincidence, until I kept reading everything..
    And well, I'm a Gemini, born on June 20.

  3. Maria Bautista

    Now that I know that Caliel is my guardian angel I feel very happy and I identify with him from now on I will always keep him in mind

  4. I liked very much to know the name of my angel and the story made me think a lot because it reflects me in some things thanks

  5. jhonnatan lamb

    wow this is actually very nice and knowing and learning from our divine angels and heavenly father today I learned from my angel

  6. Today I discovered that my guardian angel is Cadiel, I feel very identified and excited...

  7. I accept that you send me more information about my guardian angel. Thank you.

  8. I am a believer in the angels, especially MIGUEL, I thought he was my protector, but through a web page I was informed that he was CALIEL. I had not heard of him, but now I know at least what his name means and what I can invoke him for. THANK YOU

  9. Noelia Cajina Guadamuz

    I would like to know more about my angel, I don't know his name, and I wish I had more contact with him.

  10. I love God, his son Jesus Christ and my guardian angel Caliel...bless me, love me, love me and don't let life take away what little I am.

  11. Everything that happens to me is common with reading, with resources to help me and how it has helped me without knowing that his name was Caliel. thank you!

  12. tomaza emilse sanchez

    I am grateful for the information you give me. It will be very useful to me. What I find is what I am looking for.

  13. ma. teresa lopez

    knowing my angel is like knowing part of me because I can't be otherwise thank you

  14. I love my guardian angel I always trust him even if I didn't know his name now I can call him by his name beautiful story the reason of the suffering thank you very much for making it possible to learn every day from your knowledge a hug thank you

  15. THANK YOU FATHER! for allowing me today to meet and connect forever with my wonderful Angel Caliel. I thank you so much for your love, guidance and eternal protection. I love you....

  16. 😉 I have been strengthened in knowing my angel Caliel, I need you here with me.

  17. I already knew about you and everyone else, but I didn't know your name. From now on, you will be my trusted friend, my advisor.


    Grateful for the information about my guardian angel 😉 , thank you from the heart 🙂

  19. beautiful messages,...wonderful description of each person ..thank you for sending more information..BLESSING TO THE MESSAGERS OF THIS SITE...!

  20. Thanks to our Angels for their dedication, their great Love and care they have for us. Thanks!!!!! infinite

  21. Alcibiades Salami Barreto

    Blessings to all, brother, I identify with Taron because I lived exactly what he lived, thanks to the father today I am a renewed being and with much love to give and receive, thanks also to my beloved guardian angel Caliel


    now that I know my guardian angel is CALIEL.... I accept it to be always together...I love angels. 😉 😆


  23. monica katherine posada ruiz

    it's interesting to know that I share many houses of my personality with the angel caliel.

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