Habuhiah 1



Attribute: Generous God.

Planet: Moon.

Angelic Choir: Guardians.

Sephirah: Yesod.

Regency hours: from 10:20 p.m. to 9:40 p.m.

It is invoked for:

  • To have fertility in the soil.
  • To have fertility in couples.
  • To protect health and have healing in general.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Those born under his regency are classy, elegant, noble and altruistic in their relationships, due to their spirit-instinct mastery. Their good astral is contagious, powerful, intelligent and with a deep capacity for analysis. He is able to catalogue that which comes into his hands, discarding that which does not interest him. His honest behavior will be a protection against problems and negative influences. Many times he will think that the doors are closed to him, but for each closed door the angels will open many others. You will give up your future to God with complete trust and confidence. You will fall well wherever you are. Your material spirit will help others sometimes in a naive way. And it is necessary for him to fulfill his path well that he harmonizes the relationships with those closest to him, trying not to leave any rancor. He is also endowed with protection from the elements, especially from the earth, and perhaps because of this he may have a need to live in the field where his intelligence will manifest itself, obtaining better ideas. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his great love endures forever.

Psalm 106:1


The inhabitants of the Lumar region were very proud to be the owners of those fertile lands.

No one had ever seen fields as rich and fertile as those.

The best and most tasty fruits grew on the trees of that region, and no other crop could compare to that harvested every year in those lands.

They were true craftsmen of agriculture. They deeply loved the countryside and the open spaces where they enjoyed the gratitude that nature gave them.

Health and well-being was shared by all and that happiness was for many a Divine reward.

In the palace gardens grew and exhaled the most beautiful flowers, and in them, spent the warm spring afternoons the beautiful Princess Violet, who was intoxicated with the soft breeze of those seductive aromas.

However, in the Book of Destiny there was a bill to be paid by Lumar and his inhabitants, and the time had come to do so.

One day, in the evening, when the Sun courteously gave up its hegemony in the sky to its beloved Moon, a thick cloud completely covered the sky preventing its clear rays from reaching the earth. The darkness came before time and that fact called the attention of the experts who knew the symbols of nature.

- It must be a cloud of dust," said one of them.

- Maybe it's a flock of birds, in this time they usually migrate from other lands - I express a second -.

But they would soon be out of that uncertainty, for that strange noise came to dispel their doubts. They were locusts, a terrible plague of locusts. They were so many that they had darkened the dim light of the sun.

That could only mean one thing, devastation. They couldn't believe it. So much effort, so many sacrifices, so that in a few hours everything was destroyed by those hungry parasites.

But in spite of his many talents, no one could prevent Lumar, the richest and most prosperous region of all that had ever been known, from becoming a desolate desert.

At least they survived that massacre, but for how long? They had lost everything they had. What would they feed on?

In a short time those questions found answers. Hunger was ravaging that village and many men, women and children were already sick.

The king of Lumar also suffered in his flesh that tragedy, his daughter, the princess, was very sick.

They had only one hope left, to consult with the wise Habuhiah, he knew all the secrets of nature.

- What is the cause of this wise old man's misery? -I ask with bitterness the king.

- Each fruit has a tree and each tree has a trunk. Every trunk has a root and every root has a seed," answered the old man.

- What do you mean by that, wise Habuhiah?

- You should know that this devastation is only the fruit, a fruit which was long ago sown by you in another life. You have forgotten it, but in the memory of nature all is written, and I am reading it. It is payment for your past ambition. You have desolated the lands of other peoples, for you were a warrior people. Now you must give life to the fields, but you must know the pain that is felt when efforts are made in vain. From now on you can work the land again, your debt is paid. Go in peace, for your daughter, like the others, will be saved. But let her know what her bad past was, so that none of them will err again.

From that day on, the people of Lumar worked with a new illusion, for they knew that the future was in their hands and in it, there was only love for the land and for all who lived on it.


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