Attribute: Hidden God.

Planet: Mercury.

Angelic Choir: Archangels.

Sefirah: Hod.

Regency hours: from 4:40 p.m. to 5 p.m.

It is invoked for:

  • Assist us in revealing hidden mysteries.
  • Cure mental illness.
  • Raise our consciousness to God.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]People born under this regency will love all sciences and will be interested in knowing the properties and attributes of animals, plants and minerals. They will be pure and creative, leading their lives in harmony. He will try to understand the divine order in the human structures, he will be able to be a magician great priest of the esoteric sciences. He will obtain prestige and authority to give courses and conferences. He will work to find peace among people and he knows that when a difficulty passes, this is a means to access his divinity and he has simple tastes. He is a nature lover and will always be attentive to small details such as romanticism, painting, music, perfumes. He has a natural poetic gift and will have many revelations through initiatory works. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

May the glory of the Lord endure forever;
may the Lord rejoice in his works.

Psalm 104:31


Everyone agreed when they talked about Vejur that he was a strange young man. No one could foresee his behavior, he was just going his own way.

When his classmates were still having fun playing in the streets or parks, Vejur's greatest pleasure was reading books.

That's why everyone knew that when someone wanted to find him, they would only have to go to the library, his favorite place.

The library was his sanctuary, there he was at peace, away from the worldly noise. He spent more time within those walls than he did at home. He read and read for hours on end, ceaselessly seeking to find the answers that would quench his thirst for knowledge.

Vejur, since he was a child he had always been attracted to medicine. The secrets of the human body fascinated him and he devoured the texts of physiology, anatomy and pathology.

He still had a few years left to study at the university, but that did not stop him from satisfying his burning curiosity. The inspired young man was very clear about his vocation. When he grew up he would be an eminent doctor, he would consecrate his whole life to the sick and that made him happy.

However, Vejur kept looking. He had been looking for answers for a long time, but no book would give them to him.

Why do we really get sick? Why do two people with the same food and care, one of them gets sick and one of them does not? Why do some people get cured and others don't despite taking the same measures?

There were so many questions whose answers could not silence his concern.

One day, when young Vejur was looking through a pile of old books for some medical text he could read, he had a very strange experience.

Suddenly and without knowing how, a book slipped off the shelf and came to fall right into his hands. The surprised boy looked at the manual and was amazed. It was a very old text, very ancient. Its title was in Hebrew and he regretted not knowing how to decipher it. Inside he discovered a series of graphics and feared that the work was written in that language.

But that's when I was even more surprised. He had in his hands a manual of Kabbalistic magic concerning the healing of the four bodies.

-Four bodies? -read young Vejur's call for interest.

And that's how he started reading.

-He who writes this manual, named Hahasiah, Eternal Servant of the Supreme, following the wisdom and voice of the Seven Great Logos, faithfully transcribes what their Majesties have entrusted to him.

He didn't take his eyes off those lines for a second. Without realizing it, little by little he was living each letter, each message and his face was getting brighter and brighter. He was absorbed in reading. His unknowns were being revealed. Now he knew the true causes that led to the beings to get sick and heal. He knew the ten great Centres - Dwellings of Gods - which were hidden in each man and which became tangible in each organ of the body.

The discovery of that mysterious book led the young Vejur to investigate the Great Secrets, and when he grew up he became a great physician and his fame spread throughout the world, for he not only healed the body, but also the spirit, his only lord and master.


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  1. Yolanda Lopez Jordan

    Blessings I loved it .wonderful work and comforting and for me it has MANY things if they coincide with my preferences as a researcher of the medicine and Love towards the animals . Whenever I go out I see a feather. Thank you.

  2. Divine knowledge can only be revealed by divine beings who see the effort we make to know what troubles us and give us that which we need to know without the need to ask.

  3. Gay gladys mabel

    Me. I'd love to be able to imbibe it and feel its protection
    . know how to do it ...thank you

  4. alarcon macrine

    I wanted to know if it's risky to try to communicate with an angel. I'd like to know more about angels

  5. A thousand thanks for publishing all this interesting material and I will apply it, the protection of the beings of Light is felt when you do it convinced, believe in what is not seen.

  6. luis antonio diaz diaz

    my angel would help me out of financial trouble and how to invoke him

  7. luis antonio diaz diaz

    I need to know if my angel hahasiah can help me with some big economic problems I have


  9. LOS ANGELES our guardians will always be present in each of us if we go in search of them

  10. THANK YOU for having found these meditation sites and enjoying a little bit of the harmony of my being the musical background is excellent to be able to meditate and find tranquility in the soul the articles are very beneficial to find peace

  11. Alba Nelly guerron Vallejo

    This article is very interesting.
    I would like to know how to invoke my protective ANGEL

  12. Alba Nelly guerron Vallejo

    Very interesting, I would like to know more about my angel and how to invoke him

  13. I love the name of my Angel....DIVINE article....I am happy because I have a visit (from Saturday), to the Angels at home 😆 THANK YOU SO MUCH! .... God bless you!

  14. Mabel Pereira

    When a person feels an emptiness, looks for where to fill it and this page brought me to hidden places that my mind would not be able to see beyond the normal thing, I feel well now I can understand many things of which they happen to my surroundings, thanks x to exist this page in her we will be able to learn more every day.

  15. santiago eugenio royo urrizola

    is not a sentence from me, it is from John Baptist Lebutillier, founder of the abbey

  16. santiago eugenio royo urrizola

    not to put anything before christ, for christ has put nothing before us
    the men.

  17. Suleima Mèdicis

    This article is interesting, timely and a pleasant read.... thank you.

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