Angel Haiael

Exploring the mystical force of Ángel Haiaiel

The Angel Haiaiel is an Angel of the highest level who has been entrusted with an important role in the history of humanity. The Angel Haiaiel came to me in a dream and told me that her mission was to help humanity remember its true purpose.

They said that humanity has forgotten who they really are and that it is time for them to remember.

The Angel Haiaiel is a powerful Angel who is here to help us remember our true identity and purpose. She is a force for good in the world and wants to help us create a better future for all.

The Angel Haiaiel is an important Angel who is here to help us remember our true selves. They are a force of love and light in the world and we should all listen to their guidance. Thank you, Ángel Haiaiel, for your important work in the world!


  • January 3
  • March 17
  • May 29
  • August 10
  • October 22

What can be asked of the angel Haiaiel?

The Angel Haiaiel is a powerful angel who can help you achieve your goals and visions. All you need to do is ask, and Angel Haiaiel will be there to guide and assist you. There is no limit to what Angel Haiaiel can help you with, so don't be afraid to ask for help with anything that is important to you. The Angel Haiaiel will always be there to offer you wisdom, guidance and support. So go ahead and ask Ángel Haiaiel for whatever you need – the sky is the limit!

Characteristics of the angel Haiaiel

  • Attribute: Our God of the universe.
  • Planet: Moon.
  • Angelic Choir: Guardians.
  • Sephirah: Yesod.
  • Regency hours: from 23:20 to 23:40

Music to invoke it:

Why is Haiaiel invoked?

The Angel Haiaiel is invoked for a variety of reasons. Some people invoke the Angel Haiaiel to help them heal physical or emotional wounds. Others ask the Angel Haiaiel for strength and courage when faced with difficult challenges. Some people even call upon Angel Haiaiel to help them find their true purpose in life. No matter the reason, anyone who calls upon Angel Haiaiel will receive guidance, support, and healing. The Angel Haiaiel is a powerful angel who is always willing to help those in need. So if you ever feel lost or alone, remember that you can always call on Ángel Haiaiel for help.

Those born under your regency:

People under his influence fight any kind of injustice. They know how to discern between right and wrong. Their essentially correct way of thinking is reflected in their behavior. Their existence is synonymous with abundance and happiness. He will feel safe when he has the support of his spouse and family who will never be a source of trouble for him. You must remember that every difficult moment leads to spiritual growth. He is a faithful and concerned person in his particular life. He needs moments of isolation even though he does not like to live alone. His pace of work is fast, getting the benefits usually sooner than expected.

Bible quote:

For my part, I will thank the Lord very much;
I will praise him in a large crowd.

Psalm 109:30

Prayer to invoke the Angel Haiaiel

Angel Haiaiel, we pray for your guidance and protection. You are the angel of strength, courage and determination. Help us tap into our inner reserves of power so that we can overcome all obstacles in our path. Give us the strength to face challenges head on and the wisdom to know when to walk away. Haiaiel, you are the Angel of New Beginnings. Help us to leave behind the wounds of the past and to embrace the future with hope and enthusiasm. Fill our hearts with your love so that we can radiate your light to everyone around us. Angel Haiaiel, we thank you for being by our side every step of the way. Amen.


Princess Aura had just come of age, and those 21 bells announced that event with harmonious compassion.

She must have been very happy, for all the maidens were rubbing shoulders with that moment, yet that beautiful flower, so warm and soft, was filled with deep sadness. The most awaited day of her life was also becoming the most bitter.

There could only be one reason why young Aura felt so sorry.

- My daughter, today you come of age and the time has come to find you a husband," said her father, the king of Lumer, the land of talent.

-But father, I'm still young, and more importantly, I'm not in love," replied the blushing princess.

-Nonsense, you're old enough, and as for love, don't worry, you'll have time for it," said the king tenaciously. You must prepare yourself, for at the next moon a tournament will be held, and the one who wins will be the knight who will marry you. There is nothing more to be said.

The princess retired to her quarters and cried herself to sleep.

And the day of the tournament came. The news that the king had proclaimed reached all places and from the most remote corners of the earth, knights were arriving with the only desire to be the husband of such a delicate flower.

For seven days they were competing and there were only two finalists left who would face each other in a final duel.

Those two gentlemen were undoubtedly the most skilled. One distinguished himself by his skill in the handling of the sword, the other by a strange malevolent power.

Everyone hoped that skill would win the day over cruelty, but they would be wrong, for the black knight gave his rival no chance to defend himself.

A cry came from the throats of all those who were attending the show. That act of cowardice had been treacherous, but no one dared stand up to that bloodthirsty warrior.

-I've earned my right. Give me the princess," said the winner of the tournament, "while he threatened the king with his sword.

To the amazement of the people, the Black Knight took the sweet Aura away, without anyone resisting him.

The days passed and the king fell ill with despair. He felt guilty about what had happened to his daughter, and didn't know what to do.

One day, a humble squire arrived at the palace claiming to be able to save the princess. Many laughed at him, yet he was received by the king.

-You say you can save the princess alone," the king asked unconvincingly.

-Forge me an armor and a sword of this metal that I give you and I will prove it to you," I answer with confidence, the handsome young man.

- What's your name, kid? -the Sovereign asked intrigued.

-My name is Haiaiel, sir, your most humble servant.

The next morning, the daring Haiayel received a silver armor and a sword that gave off a powerful light, and with them he set out in search of the black knight.

When she found him, they put up a terrible fight. The forces of evil fought with zeal and cunning, but those weapons were not enough to defeat the forces of good, who overcame that black magic and achieved the ultimate victory over it.

The princess was rescued by that courageous squire, who upon arriving at the palace and by the Divine grace entrusted to the Sovereign, was knighted. No longer march of that kingdom, as the Princess Aura would not allow him to do so.


27 thoughts on “Explorando la fuerza mística de Ángel Haiaiel”

  1. Very recently I found out about the presence of the Angel Haiaiel in my life. It comforts me a lot. Thank you God for protecting us.

  2. I am meeting at this precise moment, of Haiaiel, my Guardian Angel, of whom I had no knowledge. Thanks to the highest for putting him in my cumin (life) just as I give it to him for protection and care.
    Thank you, Haiaiel, my guard.

  3. I always talked to God, but I did not know that we have a protective Angel and direct conduit to be with God, thank you Angel Haiaiel for protecting me, I promise that from this I will pray for you and take care of me a lot

  4. Yep you are my guardian angel x please help me get off this cliff kkk I'm in nooo I'm lucky in absolutely nothing everything is wrong with me in love in money in health

  5. Yep you're my guardian angel x please help me get off this cliff kkk I'm in no luck at all

  6. We must give our best, so that they are forged and thus face the toughest battles and come out victorious. Always with God's help.

  7. Edith Laguna Gutierrez

    I don't understand if Haiaiel is my guardian angel as he may be the guardian angel of many
    So each person doesn't have his own guardian angel

  8. Thank you eternal GOD for letting me know my guardian angel and what a wonderful story of my angel now I know that he is always by my side to protect me thank you GOD.

  9. Brave my Angel!!! So I carry him with me, inside me, with his sword of justice and his humility...

  10. After reading this beautiful story, I am happy that Haiaiel is my Guardian Angel and that he gives me everything in my personality that I lack and that I need... security. Thank you Haiaiel. I love you and I am with you. Roh.

  11. It's good to know that I now have an angel who has a name and protects me from all evil. Thank you very much!

  12. Thank you so much for letting us know who our Angel and protector is, Benciones!


  14. Thank you very much. I want to know how you talk to my guardian angel and I want to listen to you.

  15. My protector against predatory and envious spirits.
    Thank you. And I thank God for allowing me to count on your presence

  16. Gloria Hernandez

    Hello; I love knowing and feeling that the angels are by my side happy to receive these messages. Thank you

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