Attribute: God being supreme.

Planet: Venus.

Angelic Choir: Virtues.

Sephirah: Netzakh.

Regency hours: from 8:20 p.m. to 8:40 p.m.

It is invoked for:

  • To expose hidden truths.
  • To promote understanding and appreciation between spouses.
  • Abandoning worldly pleasures for the transcendent.
  • Get wisdom.
  • Appeasing the world's violence.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He who is born under this regency will love tranquility, nobility of character and solidity of attitude. He will faithfully fulfill all duties and obligations to himself, his family and the community. He will enjoy playing sports. He is spiritually evolved. He knows how to harness his energy for his own growth or the good of humanity. He will think more of others than of himself. From a young age he will show confidence in all his actions by mastering his anxieties. He is a born leader, has a capacity for improvisation and appreciates challenges. He is tactical and always seeks immediate victory, winning almost every battle. He will be strong to withstand situations that are adverse to his emotional structure and knows that to achieve his goals he must act consistently. He fights for a dignified, transparent and true image. The people he meets on countless trips for pleasure or work he considers as experiences that enrich his inner world. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

Look, Lord, how much I love your precepts;
according to your great love, give me life.

Psalm 119:159


Iah-hel's parents had just disagreed and argued violently without caring in the least about the feelings of their son, who was listening to that unfortunate conversation.

- We can't spend any more money on the operation, it's crazy. We'll be ruined, and you know how much hope the doctor gives us. He doesn't even assure us that the operation will cure him.

These were the words of his mother who seemed more interested in the bank account than in her son's health.

- Sometimes I think I'm married to a monster. How can you talk about money when your son is going to lose his sight? -I'm very upset with your husband.

While this scene was going on, Iah-hel was suffering from heartbreak. He felt guilty that his parents were fighting and that feeling led him to leave his home, but he was blind and the only thing he managed to do was to make his condition even worse, because in his escape he stumbled, with the bad fortune that in his fall he hit his head.

His parents, hearing a loud bang, came and found him collapsed and unconscious on the floor. They remembered the doctor's warning not to make any sudden movements, as this could endanger the operation.

While they were helping him, they kept arguing and decided that if something happened to the child, they would separate forever.

The doctors did everything in their power. They only had to wait a few days for the results.

Iah-hel had quickly recovered from the operation. His mind was dazed, and it was not because of the blow, but because of the worries his parents caused him.

He was a very intelligent boy and at school he had managed to gain the admiration of his classmates and the respect of the teachers. His eagerness to know was contagious and he was always investigating and asking why things happened. He was so fond of asking questions that he was nicknamed "why" in a friendly way, because he was very modest and never pretended to be better than the others.

Now, he couldn't see, he couldn't read, but that didn't stop his thirst for knowledge from increasing.

One day, while awake, Iah-hel had a wonderful experience. Without knowing how, or why, the outer darkness disappeared and everything became full of light. I noticed at once that his body floated and seemed to fly. Suddenly there was an explosion of light and his eyes revealed a world of life different from the one he knew. There the beings were dressed in energy clothes of different colors.

When he was most amazed at the sight, someone came to interrupt his vision.

- Beautiful truth? Come with me, I'll show you something - I'm talking to that character of a bluish luminosity -.

- Where am I, sir? -I ask Iah-hel.

- You are in the World of Creations. In it we dwell while we sleep and when we exhaust the experiences with the physical body and decide to abandon it," he said.

- So am I asleep or am I dead? -I ask again the young man.

- Neither one, nor the other. You have entered a state of inner peace that gives you the right to be a conscious inhabitant of this world," explained the luminous being. But come and see.

Iah-hel saw his parents who were angry and about to get a divorce. He understood that he had to avoid it and that desire made him return to the physical body again.

He barely noticed that he could see. It was more important for him to find his parents and avoid their separation.

I arrive on time, they had not yet signed the documents that would separate them definitively. When they saw him, both felt their hearts touched by that miracle. That was enough to bring them together again.

Iah-hel asked his parents to find a quiet place in the countryside where he could recover. There he would have the opportunity to look again for that luminous being. He had so many things to ask him, for a reason he was nicknamed "the why?


24 thoughts on “Iah-hel”

  1. Juan Fernando Espinoza Contreras

    I always look for my inner peace, tranquility to that mind and heart ♥. The anguish and anxiety that sometimes is not controlled, are very sad moments

  2. Very interesting, all the information is positive but what happens if we have negative attitudes, our angel moves away and therefore we do not have his protection.

  3. Angelica Fragoso Diosdado

    Hello thank you very much for reading me, I would love to get this oracle that you show from the angels, could you tell me where to buy it? Blessings.

  4. darius kings

    paty if you had school and others is not anyone's fault do not criticize others until your life is perfect that I do not believe. and yet you take care of your mistakes and leave the others.

  5. What era is this angel from? Because it's very contemporary, this divorce thing. I advise Mrs. Guillermina to go to school and learn how to write before posting comments

  6. What era is this angel from? Because it's very contemporary with the divorce. I advise Mrs. Guillermina to go to school and learn how to write before posting comments


    I was very excited about my angel's story, and I feel very identified. Beautiful story I love it.

  8. believe me my daughter was born on this day and she is just like this beautiful little angel, her nickname is because she means everything, even at school they ask her questions and she doesn't even get angry she laughs at them and tells me I always want to know more! and if we fight my husband and I she runs crying and tells us please give each other a kiss and love each other, I never imagined my daughter had the same qualities as her guardian angel I don't know if thinking she is the angel or her angel protects her.

  9. I was born on January 22, 1973 and I ask my guardian angel to give me the strength to overcome this test of life that I am going through, thanks...

  10. guillermine c.s

    hello you know i was born on january 22, 1975 the only thing i can tell you is that god is so great that he sends us our right angel and everything is in us to obey that supreme being and when we are more serious about achieving it the enemy does not allow it but if you put yourself in constant prayer and communion with god you will go more easily listen and especially follow the advice of your angel god sell you and protect you holy mary

  11. 2 years ago my husband and I divorced due to an infidelity on his part with one of my neighbors, kiero ke know ke went before the judge and granted us a divorce by mutual agreement, he changed his mind and told me several times ke nunka should have stopped being his wife, she came back to live with me and after a year?I went to ask for a copy of my divorce to the civil registry and to my surprise they told me that it did not exist, that I would return to the court where the divorce had been granted and what would be my surprise if there was no record of my divorce, I was born in July and my angel is iae-hel and Saint Michael the Archangel, both of whom I have invoked and they always respond to me...but I did not know the story of the angel iae-hel

  12. With daddy's permission GOD I always call you and take you in everything I do and where I go I LOVE YOU and I thank you for being by my side, I LOVE ST MIGUEL.

  13. I believe in the angels, and also that they protect me, because I feel when they are by my side, but for years now I have felt a very strong desperation, I have no serenity, and suddenly I have blasphemous thoughts within me, of course when I realize it I ask my God for forgiveness,I don't know what is wrong with me, but I would like to have some peace in my soul. I consider myself a good person, I don't like to hurt anyone, and whenever I look for advice or help I give it without looking at who, some advice please so that I can have some peace?



  15. elizabeth veronica

    I need the help of my anagel dela guada to clear me, mass fears and blockages that I have since I started, study the secunadraio deadultos and that I feel that makes me not so well because I cuata much and I am afraid of not being able to give my exams I need my angel to protect me in every day of my life and health too

  16. graciela altamira

    The angels are my guide, I always ask to intercede with the angel of the person I am attending and luckily he listens to me.

  17. It is true that they take care of us and manifest themselves, sometimes they use us to protect others or simply to mark the way, just by feeling the smell of the countryside reassures me.

  18. I love the angels and this story is beautiful and believe me that I am all tranquility and try to put peace where there is anger and comfort where there is sorrow ... hopefully GOD will continue to give me this beautiful light¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ thanks

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