Name: Iezalel "God Glorified above all things".

Chorus: Cherubs, Angels in the service of Hochmah-Amor

Planet: Jupiter

What it gives:

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  • Marital fidelity and reconciliation between spouses.
  • Happy memory.
  • Ability to execute any task.
  • To get favors from superiors.
  • Protection against error, ignorance and lies.

Lesson: To be the reconciler.

Bible quote:

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, ye inhabitants of all the earth!
Rise up in joyful song and psalm!

Psalm 98:4



Iezalel : "A dream of reconciliation"

Sol did not remember a morning as sad as the one that announced the new dawn.

With her face heavy and haggard from the crying that kept choking her throat, our little protagonist could hardly find a reason to continue living together in that place, where she had grown up happily until then.

I could still hear her living it over and over again, the conversation her parents had. I didn't quite understand why they were arguing so heatedly. Her mother accused her father of never being at home, and her father was upset by this comment, complaining that she could not control her life.

Things were bad," thought Sol, "and looking for a reason, it was said that perhaps she was to blame for her parents arguing, and the best thing she could do to help them was to leave home, so they would not have to worry.

Convinced that she was doing the right thing, she wrote a note to her parents in which she stated the reasons for her escape. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, the little sun got confused in the shadows and left her home, she was sure that it was the best thing for everyone, but she could not avoid that her only companion in that desperate adventure was sadness.

When the sun rose the next morning, Sol was far away from his home. She had walked all night and now felt exhausted, so she sought shelter among some trees where she fell soundly asleep. During her Swedish, she met an angel who called her by name:

- Sol, Sol, I am Iezalel, the angel of Fidelity. I have seen that something is bothering you and I want to help you," he said in a very sweet tone.

Sol, who was not very surprised, answered:

- I don't think anyone will be able to help me, since I caused the problem myself, and I must be the one to fix it.

- Your action is very noble, but perhaps you should know something.

And saying this, the angel showed him some images where he could see the deep pain of his parents, who were embracing the loss of their daughter.

Sol was so impressed that she woke up with deep anxiety. She had to return home as soon as possible, as her parents needed her to be happy.

And so it was, when her parents saw her return, they merged with her in a close embrace. Sol had reconciled her parents and learned that LOVE IS ALWAYS A BOND OF UNION.


15 thoughts on “Iezalel”

  1. I was born on June 13 and hiy told me about my angel and I wanted to meet him for my biem.

  2. Give thanks to the Lord for his immense mercy and the power to know that he is with us whenever his angels protect and care for us and that by being turned in his infinite love his goodness we can give the best of ourselves as people thank you Lord

  3. Hello, I recently understood that the Angels are our guardian, and that they defend you are our warrior, since then I faithfully believe in the angels, I lived an experience, where they were my warriors.

  4. I believe in the angels, they are the light when we feel in darkness, even though many people do not believe it the angels need us as much as we need them..

  5. Hello, in this case they don't give information about those born under their regency. I love what they publish and it's very interesting. There will be way to expand thanks! !!!

  6. Parents with young children should meditate on what happened to the beautiful Sun that he carried on his shoulders and felt guilty about his parents' mistakes. There are times when we adults do things without thinking that there are little ears listening and little eyes watching what we do.

  7. I am aware that they are with all of us and if we call them they act with love. Thank you angels, thank you for being with me in the difficult moments but also in the moments of joy. This beautiful message from the little sun is that we never lose faith in them and that when we have difficult days we entrust ourselves to them, that is why God has placed them as friends who act without delay and who are by our side every day waiting for us to call Him.

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