Attribute: God above all else.

Planet: Mercury.

Angelic Choir: Archangels.

Sefirah: Hod.

Regency hours: from 5pm to 5:20pm

It is invoked for:

  • Abandoning vices and bad company.
  • Have protection on the road.
  • Free us from our own obsessions.
  • Influence the monetary gains from honest work.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]People born under this regency will have a strong and vigorous temperament bearing any adversity with benevolence, patience and courage. She is not afraid of work and has great manual ability. If she were a woman, she could be an excellent decorator, managing to capture the strong points of the place with her intuition, using through knowledge magical symbols and different energies to protect the place from negative influences. She respects people with morals, intelligence and feelings because she knows that these values ennoble the soul and constitute a good existence on earth. It will always be integrated into social or political issues as it inspires much confidence in many people. It will have financial facilities to project itself even internationally. He will learn from his mistakes and will not be driven by instinct. He is optimistic, expressive and prudent. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

I will praise the Lord for his righteousness!
In the name of the most high Lord I will sing psalms!

Psalm 7:17


They always laughed at him, for they said he was corny and weak as a flower. The truth is that compared to the corpulence and strength of his brothers, Ilaliah was an insignificant and sensitive being.

In those days, life was not easy. Rarely was there no news from countries that had been besieged and conquered by legions of rough and violent men, thirsty for blood and ambition.

Unscrupulous men whose only aim was to spread panic, terror and evil among the inhabitants of other villages.

Ilaliah's father was the ruler of that rich region. His power extended across a vast kingdom and for 22 years he had ruled in peace.

However, that state of completeness was going to be altered, since a troop of barbaric warriors was heading for their land and that could only mean one thing, war.

As soon as he heard the news he called the Council of the Wise Men and his children together, he had to consult them, for he was disconcerted.

-What can we do, wise counselors? -I ask with great concern.

-We must stop their advance before they cross our defenses and reach the palace," warned one of his sons.

-Prince Arul is right, Your Majesty, we must stop them," said the Councillor.

-What do you suggest then? -I ask the king once more.

-Let me go out to meet him," said his son Arul, "I'll stop them.

This was agreed upon and this is how it was carried out. The brave Arul left with a large troop to face the enemy.

He trusted his power and bravery, but they would not be enough, for after two moons, he returned in defeat. His army had been decimated.

Seeing that defeat, another of his sons proposed to be the one to try his luck. The king who did not know what to do, agreed to his request and his second son sought the enemy in order to defeat him.

But wouldn't his luck be better? A single moon passed and the brave warrior returned desolate and defeated.

The third of the brothers, indignant and enraged by those humiliations, asked his father to let him go, as he had to avenge the honour of his family. and his request was also granted.

In command of the few men left in the palace, the proud and daring young man sought out the enemy in the hope of defeating him and avenging the fortunes of his friends.

But on the third day of his departure, he returned badly injured and without having achieved his goal.

No one could save the king anymore. His three bravest sons had failed and no one dared to try.

However, he had forgotten Imamiah, the delicate and sensitive Imamiah, as always.

-Father," he said, "leave me seven harps, and I'll free you from the enemy.

They all laughed when they heard that request, but his father, who no longer felt like laughing, looked into the eyes of his youngest son and saw a strange light, and said to him:

-Take as much as you like and may the Goddess Netzah protect you.

Imamiah took the seven harps and gathered seven men who, following her instructions, played a beautiful melody.

Suddenly the sky opened up and a heavenly symphony departed from it. The Music of the Spheres had great power and the enemy melted into that harmony forgetting all desire for evil.

Peace survived and no one would laugh at the sensitive and delicate Imamiah anymore.


16 thoughts on “Imamiah”

  1. Very interesting+there are sayings of the ancestor that music appeases the beasts -Thank you Andres

  2. Lourdes Garcia

    Very beautiful, thank you very much. It is very beautiful to know the name of my Angel, and maybe I was wrong ... because when I invoke protection and / or Angelic guide, I am immersed in a very strange pink environment, and everything is of various shades of pale pink, and even I see myself all in pink, then after about 3 or 5 minutes, appear from 2 to infinite number of giant Angels, and those I see appear first come to me, and bow to hear my prayers and so I discover that I am very small with them, and I always admire its beauty and I will never forget that the atmosphere smells of ice and flowers, as if I was in a garden of flowers but with a very cold atmosphere, and it smells of sweets too, if what I have at that moment is a pity, I see myself crying and a great Angel approaches and embraces me with his wings as if they were arms and I notice that this Angel has become to my height to be able to surround me with his great and beautiful wings, and if what has happened and why I invoked them is MY fault; I feel that I hear them but they do not speak; they sing!!! And I see one of them angry with me and turn his back on me, then I know that I must recognize him and ask for forgiveness and they don't appear for a while... but I can invoke them and they always appear.
    My question is: there are several of them because I have not known how to invoke my Angel? Or does He come with you? Thank you always!

  3. I believe in God and my angel, I thank them for protecting me every day and I hope they will continue to guide me in my path and my life.

  4. Melodies are what really guide from the inside, through the heart to the soul... all evil can and must be fought, but starting from the inside. There is no war that cannot be avoided...... 🙂

  5. I believe in the Angels and their love for helping us. Already knowing the name of my Guardian Angel I will invoke him to guide and protect me.

    Thank you

  6. Rosalba Carrillo Reyes

    I was glad to know the name of my angel and when I knew his story much more, and if they describe people well then I identified with the characteristics of those who are protected by this angel

  7. 😮 Very interesting story, not always the most common strategies are the effective ones, the intelligence manifests itself in other wiser ways...I loved it!

  8. It is really beautiful, I will confess that I did not feel anything when I knew the name that corresponded to me, but when I finished reading I was fascinated .....<3

  9. Leonor Camacho

    The one who is apparently weak, is the strongest ; wonderful is the angel that corresponded to me:

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