Choir: Seraphim, Angels in the service of Kether-Volunteer.

What it gives:

  • Fertility.
  • Restoration of peace between spouses. Marital fidelity.
  • Fidelity to the superior, to rulers and kings.
  • It calms the popular seditions.
  • Abandonment of celibacy.

Lesson: Use thinking to overcome emotional situations that dominate. Overcome attachments and material vices.

Latin name : Deux Auxiliator

Meaning: God's help

Attribute: God who helps.

Planet Neptune.

Sefirah: Keter.

Regency hours: from 0:20 to 0:40 hours

It is invoked for:

  • Obtain victory against those who attack us unjustly.
  • It calms popular uprisings and aligns the behavior of the rulers.
  • It restores peace between the spouses and marital fidelity.
  • It restores harmony between employees and employers.

Bible quote:

Spare my life from the sword,
my precious life from the power of those dogs.
Psalm 22:20

Those born under your regency:


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He likes to do everything quickly and when he is little he usually does not have the patience to listen to the teachers because it seems to him that the information is already in his mind. From a young age he has intuition to see what is right and what is wrong. Inside him, even as a child, he knows that he is not on earth just because. And he knows that his family is Karmic, feeling a certain obligation to help them. Extremely loving, he exalts truth and universal brotherly love. His superior emotions are so strong that through them he comes into contact with his Regency Angel. He never allows himself to be negatively influenced and has the sobriety to dominate any type of situation. He is a bearer of peace, where there is conflict, he defends the truth and detests violence. He adores animals, loves flowers and all of nature. People consider him to be magical, thanks to the good humor with which he resolves all situations. He is a bit vain and likes to be fashionable.

If two people are at odds because they both think they are right and cannot accept the part of truth in the other, the seraphim JELIEL brings them closer, "forcing" them to leave stubbornness behind. This seraphim especially helps to maintain conjugal harmony and is the one who brings peace where there is conflict, truth where there is error and universal love to overcome prejudices of all kinds.



Jeliel: "The New Essence"

In the Great Book of the Mysteries, where the passage of time is faithfully recorded, there is written in golden letters a beautiful legend that happened many, many years ago, so many that its memory melts into the events of the days. Let me tell you what my eyes were fortunately able to read in that Sacred Manuscript.

It was then the second Cosmic Day, and the workers were working indefatigably in the construction of a majestic temple. They had to hurry, since it was the will of the king, the Supreme Kether, that his son Jeliel, the most skillful and skillful of warriors, should marry, in the magic of secrecy, the adorable Hochmah, Princess of Light.

And so it would be, because after two moons, Jeliel and Hochmah got married sealing their union with a magical ritual inspired by the Gods in the emanation of a new essence called Love.

Kether, the old and noble sovereign, left his kingdom happily in the hands of his son, and sought the peace of his last days in the shelter of meditation, retiring in the solitude offered by the temple. Since then, it would be Jeliel who would rule together with his beautiful and wise wife Hochmah.

Kehoch, the hidden city, gave shelter to a people inhabited by impetuous, energetic and ardent souls, struggling in the art of colonization, and therefore its men were expert guides and magnificent adventurers.

But times had changed and after many years of going back and forth, a part of the people felt tired, and this led them to request an audience with the monarch.

- I have been widely informed by your advisers of your unwillingness to undertake new adventures, and I cannot help but show my dissatisfaction. You know that there are still new lands to be conquered, new horizons to be explored, and you ask me to forsake them. How can you explain this to me? -said Jeliel angrily.

- Your Majesty, for years we have worked tirelessly for your Father, the Great Kether, and the boundaries of Kehoch are almost limitless. Your power rules over all lands, and yet who inhabits them? We have no time. When we conquer them we are forced to leave them to conquer new ones. Know that our will feels called to take root. We have felt an interior voice that speaks to us and tells us: unite as your king and queen have united, and do it in the temple, under the magic of the secret.

Those were the words of a people who felt that something important had changed in their lives.

- No! I can't allow that madness," Jeliel shouted angrily.

But that answer carried in it the seed of division, for his wife Hochmah was attracted by the same voice that spoke to his people, and the king, not wanting to break his commitments, decided to abandon her.

When the news became known to the faithful men of the kingdom, they could not help but feel in their hearts a deep rage.

- We must avoid it," cried an exalted voice.
- Yes, we must," many others in the same vein, accompanied.

The palace was besieged by the same men who had once guarded it. The people had risen against the will and submission of the tyrant king. However, Jeliel had divine blood in his veins and his mind received a ray of light that made him understand that with his energetic behavior he was opposing the Divine Will.

That Light made him evidence of the power of the New Essence, Love. Since then, his will was no other than to share it with his wife and his people.


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  1. Thanks for the information. My Guardian Angel…Jeliel. I always wanted to know who that being was that has protected me for 66 years.
    Thanks to Christin I was able to find out and now I am expanding my knowledge about him.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hector Bravo Cancino

    Very interesting I did not know this I am very interested long ago I feel and believe in the angels all love especially the Seraphim

  3. Marta Elena Herrera Álvarez

    It's fantastic, this way I manifest myself since I was little and I'm already 63 years old, what a pity that you can't copy it to always have it with me, you can get it through you

  4. I love that Jeliel is my Angel d la Guardia apart they are d Aries and m I would like to get prints or photos d el look for it in many places asta in santerias and n I get it live in Villa Dominico x pcia d Pierres 57

  5. Rosi Gonzalez

    Begin to work with each of the Knight Angels, so that they may give you the gifts you need to come out of that sadness, and reconnect your spirit with this earthly life. By pronouncing their sacred names, and invoking them in their corresponding hours, they will flood your spiritual DNA with light, eliminating those memories of pain, sorrow, sadness, depression, which apart from being inherited, are like energies of darkness that boycott the right we have to happiness in this life. I am a fruit of this work, investigate them and be reborn with each one of them. A hug.

  6. I feel that I should fade away and even that I should no longer be right. I have not only started to feel that nothing is or will be, that I am just a hindrance or another stone in the way of whoever is or crosses over in my life .....? I don't feel love and I don't know if I lack it, I remain melancholic and full of a sadness that consumes me until I have to let it out of my interior with more tears full of pain that I don't know the reason for that pain, I don't know what happens to me because I don't find peace anywhere ....... I became a walker for a while and what I found was a great loneliness ..... There is no reason to write here but I only had that impulse my name is Andres and I am from Colombia I am 32 years old and you can't notice it but my sadness is leaving marks in my appearance of not having something I don't know what happens I know that life is going away from me little by little like joy and feeling I try to be surrounded by friends but I still haven't been able to be calm I was always very happy and now I barely smile ...only one lady has been my calm but the same effect no longer appears ....She is just a chatty friend who gives me her joy and that has left me calm during these two weeks but I feel that it is ending because I feel the need to go to where ... I do not know the way always opens to me but I do not know where to take me .....I ask aluis TO A SCREAM OF HELP WHO IS ANGEL OF OR GOD WHO GIVES ME AN ANSWER OR A SOLUTION NOT A MOCKERY OR AN OFFENSE JUST AN ANSWER OR SOMETHING THAT FROM A TOTAL OR PARTIAL SOLUTION I ONLY ASK FOR THAT thanks to that person who will have my gratitude with sincerity and obesity Thank you very much if someone manages to silence this unanswered question ...... thank you

  7. i would like to receive a picture of the angel jeliel at canalejas street 9 puebla de almoradiel toledo 45840

  8. maria alva yepez


  9. Mirtha Elisabeth

    Good morning, very grateful and excited for all the information you provide us.
    This space is of immense value, and from now on I will be your assiduous reader. Thank you very much, thank you very much for being here.

  10. Maria Teresa

    Thank you for the nice information. God is number one for me and I thank our God the Father for sending us the archangels, angels, cherubs etc. To take care of us, protect us, and love us.


    He is my guardian angel, he always takes care of me and protects me from everything bad, especially from evil spirits, he accompanies me day and night I always ask him for the protection of my life.

  12. Jacqueline Vega Benitez

    Knowing the name of my Angel Guadian fills me with deep joy, with love I had asked him to please tell me his name, today with much joy I appreciate such powerful information ... Thank you my beloved Jeliel ... Thank you.

  13. I have enjoyed knowing about my guardian angel and the angels who protect my family. Thank you for providing us with this wonderful information

  14. Now I can call my guardian angel by name, thank you Jeliel for protecting me 😀


  16. Thankssss I always wanted to know the name of my guardian angel, I always invoke it and now I will do it by his name 😛

  17. thank you for being so special and for providing us with such beautiful and valuable information. my angels and beings of light always accompany me and take care of me and always guide me when I need it as they do with all beings ... jeliel thank you very much for your company and loyalty. god continue to bless you and the angels protecting you and filling your lives with much love and faith.

  18. dahlia bracho shepherdess

    😆 beautiful, my guardian angel, I love the angels, because they always accompany me and take care of me, and I believe in the angels, they always take care of us and protect us, many thanks to my guardian angel, blessings ..........


  20. Raffaele Capobianco

    Good afternoon excellent information, I congratulate you I had understood that my guardian angel was Hariel and not Jeliel, likewise will always be my guardian angel regardless of his name if it is Jeliel he will be,

    A million thanks and God bless you

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