Attribute: Inspirational God.

Planet: Mars.

Angelic Choir: Powers.

Sephirah: Geburah.

Regency hours: from 10 am to 10:20 am.

It is invoked for:

  • Resolving issues in the profession.
  • Solve very difficult problems.
  • To have revelations.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He is endowed with a lot of courage to face the most difficult obstacles, but he will have to be very careful with power because the abuse of it can be terribly harmful. You will have natural protection and your fortune will be based on your talents. Your higher self programs into your lower self, a magnificent gift for studying and applying your knowledge of natural forces for the good of the community. You will appreciate the ancient books of history and archaeology. You will be very curious to discover what happened in other incarnations, to answer your questions, to understand your soul and your existence. His motto is a healthy body in a healthy mind and to achieve this balance he will be able to go on diets and practice reporting. He will love nature and animals and will take care of their preservation with zeal. Your house can be like a real zoo. Its main characteristics will be: stability and great inner richness, always loving truth and order. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

Sovereign Lord, I will relate your mighty deeds,
and I will remember your justice,
of your justice alone.

Psalm 71:16


No other town could compare to the splendour of Noum. In this corner of the earth all the riches possible to imagine seemed to come together capriciously, but the reason for this abundance was not a matter of chance.

Noum had the biggest industry ever known, they produced "achievements", if I do say so myself. Believe it.

The production was growing more and more every day. The efficiency of this industry was demonstrated, with very few workers, but with a very advanced technology, they had managed to create nothing more and nothing less than "achievements" .

From all parts of the world they would travel to the town of Noum in search of that coveted product that would allow them to achieve everything they set out to do. For this reason their wealth was unparalleled.

But after some time something changed the destiny of Noum, because suddenly the vegetation that populated the forests near the town, as well as the crops of the neighbouring fields began to dry up due to a strange outbreak of disease that attacked the roots of the plantations.

However, that tragedy did not seem to worry anyone, since the only thing that mattered to them at that time was to accumulate "achievements and more achievements".

Blinded by that greed, they didn't understand what was happening. If they did not remedy the situation, soon, very soon, the fertile fields would become desert lands.

The rivers began to dry up and it was the shortage of water that aroused the dormant interest in what was happening.

But by the time they realized it was too late. The whole region was devastated by the disease that had hit the vegetation.

Someone said out loud:

-Don't worry, we have in our hands the "achievements" machine, it will give us the solution to end this situation.

But it was all useless. The fields dried up even more, and what everyone had admired as the land of wealth was left to poverty and desolation.

When all seemed lost, when everyone had understood that their crazy ambition to achieve had led them to that destruction, a trumpet was blown in the sky, from where a deep voice came out:

-Attend inhabitants of Noum, your gluttony has dried up the waters of the rivers, and rotten the roots of the plants. Know that I have been sent by Elohim-Hesed to bring to your troubled souls a new song of happiness. I will leave in your hands the seed of prosperity, sow it in the earth and love it with the same ardor as you have loved your ambition. Do not seek achievement without effort. Work the soil and wait for the fruits to ripen in due course.

And so they did. The town of Noum became a prosperous town again, but from that day on, many other towns would share its same secret.


27 thoughts on “Lecabel”

  1. I've researched several pages and it has different information. Here the Angel Lecabel is from the choir of Powers and his plneta is Mars, in others he is from the choir of Dominations and his planet is the Sun. Who to believe?

  2. The story is very beautiful, what is the name of my guardian angel, I was born on February 5

  3. All very nice this, but why is this the angel that accompanies me, as you were informed of this, where is it written?


    Thanks for the information!
    Beautiful story of my angel and my people..., I identify with them, I share that lesson: no achievements without effort....those are the real achievements...
    Thank you, thank you, thank you...
    Martha E.

  5. Jaime Enrique Pasos Henao

    I would like to receive more information about the protective Angel of friendship, since I have been trialed many times by those who say they are my "FRIENDS". Which are they that I no longer find?

  6. amparo urrego carvajal

    thank you, thank you for your beautiful message and for allowing me to meet my angel protection .. amen


  8. Thank you very much, for telling me the name of my Gurdish Angel, I loved the story, how nice to know that it brought back the renewal of nature through the effort of beings.

  9. lucelly villa delgado

    infinite thanks for giving me to know my guardian angel gue beautiful story demi angel desire of all heart to give all those steps gue indicas lecabel 😀

  10. Thank you for letting me know the name of my Guardian Angel, I identify with quite a few of his gifts. and very beautiful story ... 🙂

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