Name: Lauviah "Admirable God".

Chorus: Thrones, Angels in the service of Binah-Ley.

What it gives:

  • Return of old affections; resumption of old friendships.
  • Sleep well at night, overcome insomnia.
  • Oneiric revelations.
  • Inspiration to exercise in journalism, literature, philosophy, poetry..
  • Discernment of the false.

Lesson: Overcoming traumas and debts from the past

Planet: Uranus.

Sefirah: Hojmah.

Regency schedule: from 5: 20 to 5: 40 hours.

It is invoked for:

  • Generate deep friendships.
  • Reveal to us the meaning of dreams.
  • Obtain artistic and literary talent.
  • Help us out of the spiritual torment and sadness.
  • Sleep well.
  • To have an understanding of the spiritual sciences.

Bible quote:

He pulled me out of the pit of death,
from the mud and the swamp;
put my feet on a rock,
and planted me on solid ground.

Psalm 40:2

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He has an ability to understand symbolic messages and revelations. The astral world manifests itself through the unconscious, with visions, premonitions or images of the higher worlds occurring. Their psychic faculties are manifested through small details, such as music, poetry, literature or in philosophy. Through the nobility of character their spirit radiates a very intense light within. He knows that his analogical part is capable of getting everything he wants, mainly when the request is made by someone else. What he dreams of achieving becomes reality. You can be the pillar of your family or a great support where you work. Your material things will be achieved through a lot of struggle, even sometimes with suffering. You will have a pleasant and cordial, comforting reaction to the people closest to you. He will understand the sadness, because he knows the inner mechanisms of the human being. He will enjoy Kabbalah and philosophy. He will be a cultured person. [/sociallocker]

Lauviah : "The king who couldn't sleep"

Vago was a lazy and capricious king. He had so much wealth that he never cared about how others made their living. He never left his castle and when he wanted to know something, all he had to do was raise his scepter and the wisest men in the palace would appear before him.

- How's it going today, dear sage? -asked the king as his servants helped him out of bed.

- It's a splendid day, Your Majesty, perhaps I'd like to take advantage of such an excellent occasion and visit your domains. The people wish to meet you.

- You bore me with these pretensions, dear wise man," answered the king with an intolerant gesture. I will do one better thing, I will proclaim an edict announcing a great banquet in my honor. What do you think of the idea, my faithful friend?

- Excellent, excellent indeed, Your Majesty," answered his companion intelligently.

- Well, get started. Get my message out there.

This is how Vago decided to gather his people in the castle. And it didn't take long for that day to come. Everything was ready, and the king was decked out in his best clothes for the occasion. One by one he received the most important characters of his kingdom and when everything seemed to be a success, something came to cloud the celebration.

- Novo, foreigner and prince of the Shadowlands," announced the master of ceremonies.

All those present looked at the newcomer and were surprised by what they saw.

- I salute you, King Vago, I have come from far away that you may pay what you owe me," said the mysterious prince.

- What I owe you, you say? Do we even know each other? -asked the Vague King mockingly.

- I am your shadow, that shadow which for so many years you have sown in your kingdom. Today that you have called me, I am here to please you.

The king paled, and from that day and for many nights the sovereign could not sleep thinking of the price he had to pay for his mistakes, his own life.

Very close by, in his own kingdom, lived a very wise man who was known to everyone in Leuviah. It was for this reason that the king sent for him, as he wished to meet him.

- What should I do? -asked the king.

- Stop being capricious and lazy, and the light will dissipate your shadow," answered the old man.

- If that's true, I have to try.

And so it was that Vago book a strong battle between death and life, overcoming the latter, because from that day on no whim occupied his mind.


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  1. Paola Andrea Zapata

    I liked the comments of the angels very much. Thank you for sharing,

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    I loved it. And I can relate.

    Now I'll ask my guardian angel for help.
    Thank you for the information.
    Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Carlños To Gonzalez Diaz

    I have not been able to know which is my guardian angel. In some appear a date and in others another date.

  4. How do I manage to be an example to others? What do I have to leave behind concretely? Thank you.

  5. Thank you for that nice learning. He'll be there every day from now on when I meet him. Many blessings

  6. Thank you for all the information about my guardian angel.
    I'll keep it in mind at all times.

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