Omael 2




Attribute: God is patient.

Planet: Mars.

Angelic Choir: Powers.

Sephirah: Geburah.

Regency hours: 9:40 to 10 a.m.

It is invoked for:

  • To be patient when we are very anxious.
  • To have a good relationship between parents and children.
  • Let him guide our doctor or surgeon.
  • Protection of the animal kingdom.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id=”356″]Evolved aspect: He is extremely fair and lives in harmony with his universe. It has a kind of super protection of your angel, thanks to this he will have absolute confidence in himself and will always fight for great ideals. He will love animals, nature and men with great sincerity. You will have general knowledge of all areas and will always be re-evaluating situations in search of a more objective vision. Thanks to your angel you will have victory and success, achieving fulfillment in every sense, but you must exercise your free will when choosing your line of destiny.[/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

You, Sovereign Lord, have been my hope;
I've trusted you since my youth.

Psalm 71:5


No doubt, that day would be a glorious day that would be remembered forever in time.

The union of Hesed, prince of the lands of plenty, with Netzah, heir to the lands of beauty, speaks volumes and pleased everyone.

Since they were small, the parents had already arranged that royal wedding, and there were many who hoped that rich and beautiful fruits would be born from that relationship.

Hesed was well known for his kindness and Netzah was revered for her amazing beauty. The merging of the two kingdoms would allow everyone to live in a land that many compared to those of Paradise.

Joy was overflowing in the hearts of all, and happiness was contagious from one to another, and very soon there was no soul left that did not feel intoxicated by that fullness.

Time passed and everything grew without limitations, the fields flourished and abundant crops were harvested. There was harmony and health, and prosperity continued to increase day by day.

But in spite of all those gifts from earth and heaven, a suspicion grew little by little like a strange shadow, and without anyone being able to avoid it, it acquired such a dimension that it ended the happiness of the young monarchs.

It was a mystery to everyone. They wondered what terrible evil their rulers suffered so that joy would disappear from their lives.

They were so worried that they decided to appoint an emissary to go and report to the palace.

-Your Majesties," the emissary politely greets, "I have been appointed a delegate by the people to convey to you our concern at your present sadness. What is the cause of this affliction? If we look to the North, we see fertility. If we look to the South, we see riches; if we look to the East, we see light; and if we look to the West, we see life. What can we desire more? -I ask, bewildered, the delegate.

-Friend, every seed blossoms in our land and bears fruit, and this is a cause for joy for all, yet my seed does not blossom and bear fruit in the queen's womb. I would give half the kingdom if the queen were a mother," the young king said sadly.

-But sir, your dark thoughts are like hail which, when it falls on the ground, prevents the seed from blossoming. Do you not know the magic of the wise Omael? -warned the surprised emissary.

-You are right my good friend, our thoughts are like hail, but tell me, who is Omael? -asked the king, "very interested.

-He is one of the wisest elders in the region. Its power attracts Forces of Life and the women who They are sterile, they become fertile again.

-Because of this, I beg you to convey my request to such a noble sage. Ask him that the queen needs his care.

The queen received a visit from the precious old man and following his instructions, she took pure spring water at dawn every morning for 9 days. At the end of this period her womb was fertile in order to give birth.

The wisdom of Omael and the intense desire of the kings to give life made it possible for joy to reign again in the rich region of Hesed-Netzah.


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