Attribute: God sustains the universe.

Planet: Mercury.

Angelic Choir: Archangels.

Sefirah: Hod.

Regency hours: from 6:20 p.m. to 1 8:40 a.m.

It is invoked for:

  • To be famous when we spread great philosophies.
  • To be fortunate in general.
  • Help us beat the lawsuits.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Those born under this influence will be esteemed by all because of their modesty and pleasant humor. Their fortune will be earned through their talent and good behavior. He considers getting almost everything he wants, and he will always be determined to learn and know all things in the world. In spite of his modest and fragile experience he will struggle to place himself in a favorable socio-economic position and thus obtain recognition for his talents, being able to be recognized all over the world. He is open to anything that is a symbol of vitality and generosity. He will know how to balance reason with passion, believes in saving people through love and is ready to help everyone. He will always work according to a spiritualist and Angelic philosophy. Optimistic, he will know how to emphasize the positive qualities of people and situations. With his charm he will illuminate the life of all those who approach him. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

Everyone's eyes are on you,
and in time you give them their food.

Psalm 145:15


From a very young age their lives had always been very close. They grew up and played together and in this way forged a solid friendship.

But the faces of destiny do not always smile at us, and one fine day, Neyes had to say goodbye to his inseparable companion Poyel.

Distance and time were unbreakable and little by little that ardent affection that one day united them was extinguished until it faded into a vague memory. It was the only thing left of a relationship that, just as it flourished, died.

Life went on and Poyel didn't waste any time. He had studied hard and fortune would reward his efforts.

He was number one in his class and had managed to gain the trust of all his classmates, who were constantly looking for him to advise them. The fame and reputation preceded the young Poyel wherever he went, however, nobody could ever observe in him a sample of pride, nor of vanity for feeling so admired.

What they praised most about him was precisely his constant modesty and moderate behavior.

He had just passed his studies and was already a new philosophy teacher. All that remained was for him to be able to exercise his career and providence made it possible for him to do so, but to do so he had to compete with another candidate who, like him, was running for that post.

Poyel worked tirelessly to produce a good presentation project. For years he had researched and now he had the opportunity to make his work known.

But fate came to bring him once again a new surprise. I could hardly believe it. He never thought that life would play such a dirty trick on him. He had to compete with Neyes, his inseparable childhood friend. He almost didn't recognize him, but that didn't matter in the least, because they celebrated that unexpected reunion with an emotional embrace.

The next few hours were spent together. They remembered the days of their childhood and laughed at some of the mischief they had then. But they both knew they had to talk about the professional subject and were afraid that that happiness would be clouded.

- My good friend Poyel, we must forget our friendship. I'm determined to take that place, my life depends on it. I must ask you not to present yourself, I am willing to do anything to achieve it and I would be very sorry to have to challenge you," said Neyes coldly.

Those words carried real ice and a deep charge of ambition. Poyel could not believe what his old friend had said and could hardly speak, for he felt a strong knot pressing against his throat.

- But how can you have changed so much? -I confess the young man is very upset.

- Life is hard, my friend, and only the strongest survive," Neyes answered sarcastically, as he walked away from it.

Eventually, both received a letter from the Ministry in response to their request, and Poyel was chosen to fill the position.

In spite of the tricks used by Neyes, they were of no use, since in the end providence knew how to reward the one who truly deserved to achieve it.


21 thoughts on “Poyel”

  1. Hello, what stone, incense perfume, candle color or mantra should be used to be more in contact with him? And also, what is the legend that is at the foot of his image? which is very pretty and gives life just by looking at it. Thanks

  2. What stone or quartz, incense scent, candle color and mantra do I use to connect with poyel?

  3. Silvia Fernandez

    Very interesting this story about friendship, sometimes destiny plays that bad play on us, and we are disappointed by a childhood friend, but we have to go ahead and think that if he walked away and acted like that then he was not your real friend but a mirage.

  4. Maria Rosario Ramirez

    If we become intellectuals, we will have a great tool, to defend ourselves in life. This story makes us know that constancy, humility, simplicity can give us a great reward.
    I like the story is to cultivate it, I feel very happy to know that Poyel is my guardian angel

  5. The text is confused, the planet that really belongs is Venus, not mercury and the sefirah netzach, not hod

  6. Roxana Lopez

    My angel Poyel thank you for being my guardian angel, I ask you that my husband can go to the doctor and tomorrow dawn well.. I love you

  7. Hi! it's me again look I have been sent to confirm that .... and everything you put me understand what is not all the directions it says that comes in turquoise blue and also in English and I honestly do not understand. I only asked to know who is or who are my angels and how to pray, talk to them, or ask them to know everything about them etc. Otherwise thank you.

  8. Hi! it's me again look I have been sent to confirm that .... and everything you put me understand what is not all the directions it says that comes in turquoise blue and also in English and I honestly do not understand. I only asked to know who is or who are my angels and how to pray, talk to them, or ask them to know everything about them etc. Otherwise thank you.

  9. Hello Rafaela! That's the time to invoke him and I understand he's been protecting you since you were born.

  10. rafael david santeliz barcenas

    that this writing be a request for poyel who is my guardian angel to always fill me with health, strength, wisdom, money and power, all to give to those who need it.

  11. Thank you, you have always been there for me, sometimes I don't realize it, but you are there for us. Thank you Poyel, I love you!

  12. the behavior that we carry in our life sooner or later we will see it reflected towards us, or in our descendants, we must behave as we really are, without masks at every moment of life always being transparent ourselves.

  13. my angel Poyel Accompany me always and intercede for me before God our LORD with my request of family welfare.

  14. beautiful story! happy for poyel to be my protecting angel ,i ask poyel to heal my soul and that joy comes back to my life...i love you!

  15. what you sow is what you reap . the love we give in all that we do or say reveals our real self .

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