Attribute: God who cures disease.

Planet: Mars.

Angelic Choir: Powers.

Sephirah: Geburah.

Regency hours: from 9 to 9:20 a.m.

It is invoked for:

  • Protect us against fire, accidents and illness.
  • To protect us from evil and ruin in business.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Evolved aspect: he will have good sense and will manifest himself in life with prudence and wisdom. He will resist everything with dignity and everything in his life will work perfectly. Authentic and true, he always manages to get out of the most chaotic situations thanks to the bright ideas that suddenly arise. His spiritual strength is intimately linked to the angels, even without knowing it, he helps to improve human suffering. He will always have a word of optimism to help people, especially in families in any situation of insecurity because he is always consciously or unconsciously in tune with the divine sources. He has forebodings concerning travel and it will always be good to hear him. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

My God, don't walk away from me;
Oh, my God, come help me soon.

Psalm 71:12


Many are the people who complain in life of having bad luck, nothing works out for them, destiny seems to have conspired to punish them with its rigorous justice, but the case that I am going to tell you, you will undoubtedly think that it is curious, since it tells the story of a boy who was pursued by bad luck, and yet, at the last moment, he always came out victorious from the nefarious trance. But judge for yourselves...

Jupimar had always been an independent boy. He liked to make his own decisions, even if they led him to face death as he did that day.

For a long time, he had wondered what it was like to ride that wonderful bike his friend had just bought. If he borrowed it, maybe he would know," he thought, "and neither short nor lazy, he went in search of it, who, with a very bad will and a little bit of shame, left it to him, but not before warning him not to run too much.

But Jupimar had a lot to recommend him. If he expected me to listen to him, he was ready.

I take the bike and immediately look for the sensation he was so worried about. I accelerate and accelerate more and more. It was definitely worth the experience. But everything was planned, and when I took a curve the bike skidded and the accident was fatal.

Everyone feared the worst, since on his way out he had the misfortune to be thrown by a truck coming in the opposite direction.

However, when no one was counting on his life, Jupimar made a miraculous recovery.

It was the third time in the year that he was unharmed by fatal accidents. The first time was a fire, and he was finally rescued in time when he was already considered to be suffocated. The second time, he was practically crushed by a ruined building that had collapsed, but again fortune accompanied him, as he was trapped by a hole, which prevented him from being buried, and now that accident.

No one could explain the reason and many came to think I had seven lives like cats. Others thought, maybe he had a pact with the devil, but the only one who knew the answer was himself, because he had just met her.

While sleeping on his way to the hospital, Jupimar had a visit in the dream world. A being of light approached him, and to his surprise the young man asked:

- Who are you and where am I?

I am the Archangel Seheiah and I protect men from the rigours of destiny, and you are in the World of Desire," explained the being of light.

- So I'm dead? -anguished question Jupimar.

- No, you're not, because I've saved you," the Archangel replied in a friendly way.

- And why did you do it? Other people die in accidents and nobody saves them.

- You are right, but in the Book of the Debit and Credit of those people I find no reason to intercede for them.

- So you are at my service because I have acted to save the lives of others by my behavior in other lives?

- I questioned the young Jupimar in great surprise.

- I see you've understood, and now you must return. But first remember one thing, do not risk your life in vain, for it is too precious to waste.

Thanks to that meeting, Jupimar would stop behaving recklessly, and he always tried to lend a hand to the Archangel by helping the needy.


31 thoughts on “Seheiah”

  1. I have met several people who I have thought are finally my better half and after several days of happy, contented, complete, joyful, pleasurable romances, they just go away or just ignore me, I cry and really suffer. Later on I recover and I don't forget those people but no longer being sad pain, frustration or any strange feeling. Many times I have said "God, if he wasn't going to stay, why did you let me meet him" because you took him away from me and I revealed myself and then I said that he wasn't good and that's why God took him away from me?
    will there be any intersession of the Angel Seheiah at these events?

  2. Hugo Acosta

    Thank you very much for all this information. Do you know how to find these letters? What's the name of that oracle. Thank you very much.


  3. Q nice xfin I met my angel I hope he will always protect me and help me to value myself now I understand the xq of my feelings thank you !

  4. Welcome my Angel SEHEIAH you have captivated me only with your great name thank you for being by my side and if you have supported me before God and the Universe by changing my critical situation as a miracle of salvation.

  5. You failed my son of flesh...
    They killed him to rob him...
    Although I believe that he is at the Father's Right, but he being so young (4 days before he turned 28) and such a good person, hardworking, studious. On the contrary, where there was anger in others, he tried to calm down...!
    Maybe it's what we don't see...
    Thanks anyway.
    God bless you!

  6. Juan Carlos Balcazar

    Hello... My name is Juan Carlos and I am a Colombian citizen. I would love to know how I can acquire the stamp of my Angel Seheiah and his prayer to ask for your help

  7. Thank you my God for my guardian angel, thank you thank you thank you.

  8. Elsa Maria Belmar Lopez

    Thank you for meeting my angel Seheiah, now I understand where my strength and good connection with others comes from, I always thank God for the wonders he gives me every day ,in every action and how blessed I am.

  9. Thank you, beautiful message that blesses to know that there are souls of Light in this world that help us to grow and be better beings......thanks to our guardian angel because they are always there to protect us..... I have lived it....lo se.

  10. Marta Estela Orrego Carrasco

    It is very beautiful to have the possibility to approach the guardian angel and to know the gifts that you give us, I congratulate you, may God bless you now and always 😆

  11. beautiful story...but it's reality, what happens is we don't know who we are or where we come from, a little knowledge of who we are would be enough to not make the mistakes we do.

  12. the protection only comes from god not angels the angel said to john worship god and not me because i am also a servant like you and like your brothers do not worship me god the glory not of angels let's not be idolaters jesus said hey israel jehovah our god one is jesus i do not speak anything of protecting angels by date of birth that is exotericism the demons are also angels the disciples of jesus did not trust the angels but god they are sent to us with the order of god but the graces belong only to god and no one else exodus 20; 5 -6

  13. Thank you Seheiah for the shelter and protection you give us night and day!
    Thank you for reviving the strength of faith in our hearts!

  14. Thank you.
    Now I can understand that my angel has been many times present saving me and protecting me from many dangers. Since I was a child I have suffered serious accidents such as a fall from a second floor and I have not suffered any scratches. In adulthood we suffered a car accident and we also came out unharmed and finally the motorcycle taxi in which we were travelling was almost hit by a truck and it brakes just a few centimetres from the bike.

  15. olga cecilia gutierrez castrillon

    thank you my angel now i understand many things i thought you were serafin because i heard your name but it is almost the same i am happy to know that it is confirmed you are my angel i love you very much do not ever leave my side, to yudame asacar my hairdresser's forward please in viame clientele i do not want to feel defeated or frecasada because almost no one comes and i do not want to lose my faith to yudame p

    please my angel 😥 😥

  16. jose humberto pascacio

    Well, for me it is true because as a driver I have been not only once but several times I have been saved. I always thank the Archangel Michael and God the Father because I did not know about the Archangel Seheiah and that he was my protector and I am very grateful because I am safe because of them.

  17. Ginger Salcedo

    How beautiful, all the angelic beings are as beautiful as God is love and perfection and all his wonderful creation, I bless you, I love you, thank you for everything.

  18. The truth is that now I understand many of my qualities, why I react that way to the most insecure and traumatic circumstances and as they say I help to calm others and leave them more calm and peace, because I am happy to know that it is for this angel that I have those qualities that help me to be happier when I see that these people are happier and relax with his help, because thanks to him I can give that peace or security.
    I thank you for sharing in me those great qualities.

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