Choir: Seraphim, Angels in the service of Kether-Volunteer.Angel

What it gives:

  • Access to senior jobs with executive responsibility.
  • Putting an end to adversity.
  • Protection against weapons and the forces of evil.
  • To be faithful to the given word and not to shirk the commitments..
  • Protection against hypocritical tendencies, ingratitude and perjury.

Lesson: Dissolve confrontations and storms caused by human hatred Fidelity to the essential, not falling into supporting one trend to the detriment of another.

Latin name: Deus Spes

Meaning: God of Hope

Planet Neptune.

Sefirah: Keter.

Regency schedule: from 0:40 to 1 hour.

It is invoked for:

  • Calm down in the face of adversity.
  • Possessing personal magnetism.
  • Protect us in car accidents, assaults.
  • To give us strength and will in the face of our commitments.
  • Ask for protection from all types of attack.

Bible quote:

I say to the Lord, "You are my refuge,
my strength, the God I trust.

Psalm 91:2

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]You know you're very lucky and that's why you have a chance to realize yourself financially. He is always active, fighting for his promotion. He is not proud to ask for favors from anyone. He's a lone worker. He is beautiful inside and out. Because of his strong charisma he attracts people's attention. He breathes life and lives each day in a special way. He does not like the word fate because he finds it very comfortable. He has a high soul and likes to stop many friends to whom he usually gives precise advice. He is very discerning and easily understands all the situations that life gives him. He generally forgives those who try to harm him. Sometimes he is a little inhibited without reason, because he knows all the experiences that the world offers. He is a great transformer protecting and encouraging people with new ideas. He has great sympathy and kindness. He loves parties, banquets, celebrations and is reserved in the way he dresses. He says what he thinks because he does not know how to be disguised or act in a dubious way. He has many memories of things that were not lived in this incarnation, which generally appear in the form of dreams. The goal of his personality that matches his soul will be his nobility.
He is the seraphim who comes in the face of adversity that surprises his protégés. Sitael helps in moments of danger such as accidents, attacks by violence or theft. His help isolates the person from the calamity, keeping him "by a miracle" safe. Through the strength of the human capacity to forgive, it is possible to keep Sitael close, benefiting from the loving covering of her protective wings. Resentment and slander obviously frighten this sensitive creature. [/sociallocker]


Sitael: "The Wise Builder"

They had tried three times in a row, but still couldn't get it...

- I'm sorry, Your Majesty," excused the disgruntled architect, "everything is a mystery, no matter how hard we try, what we build in the light, in the darkness of the night, is destroyed.

- No, I can't believe it. While you play at being gods, my son is dying of sadness," cried the enraged king.

Perhaps he had reason to be, for his only son, Prince Aquin, was the victim of a terrible evil that had plunged him into deep sorrow. The first thing I want to say is that I am not going to be a fool, but I am going to be a fool, and I am not going to be a fool.

His father, King Kebin, in desperation, thought that perhaps if he built him a city and lived in it with the best wizards in the kingdom, Aquin might regain his joy.

But after many attempts, and in a mysterious way by the way, the architects who had tried so far, failed in spite of many efforts. For that reason, the Sovereign exploded in anger, for he did not understand what was happening. He had secret enemies and he didn't know where he could find them.

If I could find out," I thought, "I would make them regret what they were doing. Kebin increased the surveillance and it was said that no one could outwit the guard on that night.

It would be a long, long night. He could not sleep, could not get those angry thoughts out of his mind. But he would soon realize, that despite his worries nothing would change the next day.

- Majesty....! Majesty... -shouted his advisor with hardly any breath left, "You won't believe it, but everything that was built has been torn down.

Only a bitter gesture and a gesture of helplessness were drawn on the face of the grieving king. I didn't know what to do anymore, I had tried everything.

But this story cannot have a sad ending, and to avoid it, a mysterious traveler came to the kingdom, whose name was Sitael and who was a skilled architect. This news reached King Kebin who sent for him immediately.

- You say you're a good architect? -I ask the Sovereign.

- It is not I who can bear witness to my art, but my works, Seqor," the newcomer confidently replied.

- Do you think you can build a city that can give shelter to happiness and joy? my only son is languishing in the cold arms of sadness," asked the king with a hopeful tone.

- I can do it if you help me, Your Majesty," replied the enigmatic architect.

Those words put the Monarch on his guard, who said very extravagantly to him:

- Know that I do not know the divine art of construction. So how can I help you?

- Only you can prevent the pillars that are to support the city from being solid and not brittle.

- I don't understand you! -I exclaim, "The King is very dazed.

- If looking into your heart you find the solidity of love, then we should fear nothing, but if there is only a feeling of hatred, rancor, of the brittle power of darkness, then the work will perish in the hands of this force," explained Sitael.

King Kebin could not look into the eyes of that strange traveler. He recognized in his words a truth that consumed him. He was then the only one responsible, the one who prevented the pillars of the city of joy, of love, from being erected.

From that day on, everything changed. The king forgave all those who had been his enemies, and immediately, as if by magic, he could see how the walls of the city rose solidly, powerfully to the sky, giving shelter to the elixir of happiness, where his son would find a wonderful peace forever.


30 thoughts on “Sitael”

  1. Very good all this the truth I saved myself from dying several times and I feel that I am very lucky in life ... and I feel that an angel who takes care of me and I also have many manifestations. Numerological every day and well I turned on q is the sms of my angel that accompanies me and gives me courage to continue and q everything will be fine

  2. I know that it is not easy to forgive, but even so I have done it, I have suffered a lot and today I asked my angel Sitael to help me to start from scratch and I don't know if it is possible but I have my heart of faith in him.

  3. Gloria carolina llamas rodriguez

    I was born on March 15, 1969. I don't know which one is my angel. I know that the angel sitael helps in adversity. And I really need his help for the blessing of my business.

  4. Gloria carolina llamas rodriguez

    I was born on March 15, 1969. I don't know which one is my angel. I know that the angel sitael helps in adversity. And I really need his help for the blessing of my business.

  5. Forgiveness is difficult, especially when the evil is irreparable, but to live dragging hate and resentment is even more painful, thank you for revealing the name of my guardian angel.

  6. Resentment, anger and everything that distances us from LOVE, will bring us tribulations, only LOVE will make us happy, as the word of God says, to forgive up to seventy times, that is always.

  7. Manoli Diaz Miranda

    I wish that my Guardian Angel Sitael is always with me and never leaves me. Help me in everything I ask of him and with his plumage keep me always protected. Thank you my dear Guardian Angel Sitael.

  8. Good afternoon, I would like to know which is my Guardian Angel, I was born on 12/08/66. Thank you very much.

  9. Do you know Good Morning before k everything since I started this aňo 2015 I feel extraňa like something is going to happen or I have something k to do and I don't know what it is ? I've never been like other people and I didn't fit in before I cared a lot but a few months ago THAT didn't interest me and I'd like to know who my guardian angel is or why I feel this way I don't know if good blessings have happened to all of them

  10. Thank you, now be my angel who always accompanies me and I never invoked him, my angel William Shakespeare said: "I always feel happy, do you know why? Because I don't expect anything from anyone; waiting always hurts. Problems are not eternal, they always have a solution, the only thing that is not solved is death. Don't let anyone insult you, humiliate you or lower your self-esteem. Shouting is the soul of cowards, of those who are not right. We will always find people who want to blame you for their failures, and everyone gets what they deserve. We have to be strong and get up from the stumbling blocks that life throws at us, to warn us that after a dark tunnel full of loneliness, very good things come. "There is no evil that does not come for good." Therefore, enjoy life which is very short, so love it, be happy and always smile. Just live intensely for you and because of you. Remember: Before you argue, breathe; before you talk, listen; before you write, think; before you hurt, feel; before you give up, try; before you die, LIVE. The best relationship is not one that brings perfect people together, but one in which each individual learns to live with the faults of others and to admire their qualities. That whoever does not value what he has will one day regret having lost and that whoever does wrong will one day receive what he deserves. If you want to be happy, make someone happy, if you want to receive, give a little of yourself, surround yourself with good people and be one of them. Remember, sometimes the one you least expect is the one who will make you live good experiences! Never ruin your present for a past that has no future. A strong person knows how to keep his life in order. Even with tears in his eyes, he manages to say with a smile "I'm fine".
    Send this message to a strong person. I just did. You'll be surprised how many people respond to you. I chose who to give it, the angels have learned that you are fighting against something, they say it's already happened, do not cut it please, you are warned tonight will be fixed two issues in your life for your relief. Tomorrow will be the best day at all. I leave you 12 angels: one for each month, you must give it to twelve friends, including me, in twelve minutes you will receive good news!

  11. Manoli Diaz Miranda

    I wanted so much to know who my guardian angel was so that when I needed it I would always have it with me. He will protect me, he will help me, he will lead me on the right path etc... I am very grateful to my angel Sitael because I know that he will never abandon me. I love you my angel and I carry you in my heart.

  12. I have always believed in the angels of God, and they have always helped me, they have always come to my aid, God bless you angels of love and peace; you know how grateful and blessed I am for you, my love.

  13. I have always believed in the angels of God, and they have always helped me, they have always come to my aid, God bless you angels of love and peace; you know how grateful and blessed I am for you amèn.

  14. What a beautiful feeling of well being, my angel divine protection, majestic asin forever and ever amen

  15. I needed ...and I was looking for the name of my guardian angel I found it my meditations I will close a cycle of search and will be a communication with him thank him and ask him for knowledge and wisdom in the awakening of all human beings.

  16. Roberto Chuquiure Moreno

    😛 Thanks Love, you always so precise when I need it most, I love you very much um kiss. Very nice.

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