Attribute: Righteous God.

Planet: Mars.

Angelic Choir: Powers.

Sephirah: Geburah.

Regency hours: from 10:20 to 10:40.

It is invoked for:

  • Get justice.
  • Have a good memory and ease of expression.
  • To protect us against those who attack us judicially.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Evolved aspect: he will be kind, spiritualized and modest. He will have an excellent memory, and will speak any language with ease. He will be a great scholar and his life will be rich in experiencing a little of everything. He wants everyone, regardless of race, creed or culture, to be worthy of the same opportunities in life. His motto is "respect to be respected". He has the gift of speech and the ability to speak in public. He is invincible when speaking to superiors, especially in defense of the less fortunate. He must overcome obstacles in his life by keeping himself in balance internally. His often austere appearance hardly shows the great responsibility he will have towards his fellow men. He will be an active warrior, taking quick action and never giving up his decisions. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

The word of the Lord is just;
faithful are all his works.

Psalm 33:4


Yesod was known as the land of treasure. It was here that the fruits that were harvested in other regions were deposited, and when some king needed to replenish his strength it was here that he could find it.

In the centre of the city there was a high building and on the highest part of it an immense mirror revealed the faces of the 7 Kings every day.

But it happened one day that the mirror did not project the image of Vasariah, king of power and abundance. The alarm was immediately raised and the bells of the tower rang again and again, urgently summoning the counsellors of that rich kingdom.

-Something unheard of has happened," exclaimed one of the Councillors, "Vasariah has not projected his image in the Sacred Mirror.

-It cannot be," said another in a very worried tone, "if Vasariah stops projecting his image the whole earth will be orphaned.

- What will become of the justice that keeps the balance of Netzah, the land of beauty? -the counsellors asked among themselves.

- Who will give work to the workers of Gueburah? If we do not do something and soon, nature will be paralyzed and nothing will grow in the land, leaving it sterile and deserted.

-He means hunger and death," added others in an ominous tone.

-Well, we all know what the absence of King Vasariab means, but we can't just stand here talking and talking. I propose to send an emissary to his kingdom and inform him of what is happening," interrupted the wisest of the advisers.

Everyone agreed with that idea, and the envoy was already on his way, who after five days of walking arrived in the lands of plenty.

He was well received and soon found himself before the king whom he questioned animatedly, happy to see him safe and sound.

-Majesty, I have been appointed an emissary of the seven Councillors of Yesod, for the bells of the great tower rang announcing your absence from the Sacred Mirror, -explained the envoy.

-Oh, you must forgive my carelessness, but you have nothing to fear. Go and tell the counselors that the birth of a son so occupied my attention that I forgot to project my face. Communicate that the power and the abundance of Hesed already have an heir.

With this good news the emissary returned, and when he made public the happiness of Vasariah, everyone celebrated him with an exuberant banquet.


20 thoughts on “Vasariah”

  1. Jorge Benavides

    I have a question, my angel is Vehuel or Daniel, why in some places, according to my date of birth, Daniel appears and in others Vehuel. Which Angel corresponds to me?

  2. I just found out he's my guardian angel. I feel totally identified. I'm so grateful for this.

  3. Hello good morning, I feel identified, because I was a very introverted girl in my adolescence, and now I do not feel sorry to talk to people, and about the memory, if I do not remember, some things, I think it's normal, but if I am very good at remembering faces of people who although not studied with me, I remember them. Now in this moment I am in a legal situation and now more than ever I believe in my guardian angel. Thank you

  4. Jorge Villalona

    Thank you for that invaluable information. I fit 100% with it. I'm sorry if it doesn't fit others, this is-maybe-because I'm looking, after I've found.

  5. Maura Chandini

    For years I have always known that my angel is LECABEL (the angel of "impossible" causes) and I have always traveled to this angel having for me and many people MIRACLES manifested. I could explain to myself how, being my date July 1st, another angel comes out where in the other sites he claims to be LECABEL ?
    I thank you for the clarification and congratulate you on this beautiful movement of LOVE

  6. Raquel Cavallo

    Thank you for the information. At some point I don't agree, but I like to know I have an Angel with those characteristics.

    I wish I knew the best way to communicate with him.

    Greetings, Raquel

  7. You do not feel identified because your mission is precisely to overcome these obstacles. They are the key to your essence and you must find them

  8. follow our father GOD

    To know how to look at that one has to learn to face obstacles in life to understand God the King of Kings

  9. Sonia Leonor Sanchez Montañez

    I really don't feel identified in many things, mainly with regard to memory (I forget everything) and another thing is that speaking in public scares me and other things. Who can answer me? Thank you 😳 ❓ 🙁


    I found it very interesting and beautiful, thank you for protecting me and being my guardian angel.

  11. Thank you, I feel totally identified with him now that I know his name, my communication may be different, he is always by my side.

  12. Thank you... Thank you...
    for your gift of our guardian angel, who has always been with us
    To help us, I thank God for his Gift of peace and love, heavenly protection, which he always gives us, it is very important to clear the veil, because these are new times, we will always need, but now ....
    My always blessings of love, peace, union and abundance

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