Choir: Seraphim, Angels in the service of Kether-Volunteer.

Attribute: God elevated above all things.

Latin name: Deus Exaltator.

Meaning: The God who exalts.

Archangel: Metatron

Zodiac: Aries

Bible quote:

I cry out to the Lord at the top of my voice,
and from his holy mountain he answers me. Selah
Psalm 3:4

What it gives:

  • To have a powerful Executive and Transforming will.
  • To be the number one, the protagonist of a singular feat. To win in something singular and difficult.
  • Sagacity to discover the deceptions. Lucidity for yourself.
  • Free us from anger and turbulence.
  • To obtain divine enlightenment.

Lesson: Use the superabundant energies with which they are counted to help men glimpse the Way. Overcome individuality, anger and rage.

Sefirah: Keter.

Regency hours: from 0 to 0.20 hours

It is invoked for:

  • Undertake and execute the most difficult things.
  • Become a warrior of the spiritual fire.

Those born under your regency:


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He is extremely curious and is always in search of the truth. Inside he is balanced and knows that he has a great potential to heal through his hands. He has great protection at his astral level and is interested in the most diverse matters. He has a tendency to find various loves, but it takes time to break away from his old love. He faces everything with optimism and worries about his friends. He adores a close family. He is gifted with a subtle spirituality and great cunning. He will execute the most difficult tasks with ease, learning about science and the arts. Inventor and creative, he is an inspired artist. He is in the business of being a forerunner of a new world. He has an aptitude for writing and oratory, so he will have a propensity for political life. He has good manners and his work will be rewarded and recognized. He likes competitions, always disputing with generosity but always beating all the records. He understands that difficult moments happen so that there is growth. He likes social life and being possessed of a strong magnetism and charisma he will be able to frequent the high society.


This angel helps to overcome obstacles. It's the light that shows us where the problem is. Its appearance (casual or solicited) sets a new course for us. Vehuiah spreads optimism around us whenever we are willing to start some work. Family unity, reunions among friends, the development of new ideas and the courage to transcend any setback are the goods this angel offers. Good manners are like honey that delights this creature of heaven.



Vehuiah: "A great record"

The race was about to start. The muscles of the athletes were in tension, waiting only for the judge of the competition to give the start.

It was the most important test of those championships, and the public did not want to miss the show that had aroused so much expectation.

Everyone expected to see an explosion of power. Among the participants were the best runners from all the provinces, and the winner of that race would represent his nation in the great international games.

To this end, young Vehuiah had been working very hard over the last few years. All his efforts had one goal, to reach the national team. And there he was, competing among the best. He was proud of everything he had achieved. Being in the final was important, but not important enough, he had to win.

The departure was quick. In a few meters I was already a body ahead of the rest of the participants. That gave him more strength and his feet seemed to fly.

How close he was to the finish line. Just one last effort and he would have made it. But Vehuiah did not count on the unexpected. When he was only a few meters away from the finish line, his body lost its balance and he could not control it. It took him a second to regain his position. I try, I try to win that damn second, but it was too late. The finish line faded from her desperate gaze. Vehuiah could not contain his anger and his exhausted, breathless body faded down the runway. He didn't feel the slightest interest in stopping this from happening.

Since that day, the young athlete had not regained his confidence. His fierce will had disappeared and he was plunged into a deep depression that was exhausting all his energies.

He was so indignant that when something upset him, he would burst into a rage. Those who had followed him in the past, now barely dared to greet him, were afraid of him.

Time was passing and Vehuiah was getting more and more abandoned. He didn't take care of his food and refused to play sports. But one day, an unfortunate accident came to change his life once again.

As usual, at that hour of the morning, Vehuiah was still in bed. From his room and feeling sleepy, he thought he heard a voice calling for help. Called by curiosity, he looked out of the window, and then he saw her. It was his mother and she was trapped by a fire curtain.

Oh, my God! -I scream.

Without being very aware of what he was doing, Vehuiah put on his boots and ran away. He knew his mother's life was at his feet. He could not lose a single second, for he was competing, this time, against the fire.

The village was about five kilometers away and he had to get there before the flames reached the place where his mother was. His feet ran as they had never run before. If someone had timed for sure would have beaten a record, but that did not matter in the least, just one thing put wings at his feet, the love he felt for his mother.

Vehuiah managed to get there in time. From that day on, the young man would be a hero and that singular feat would be commented on for a long time.

The young racer got back his will and began to work with special illusion. Many other records were waiting for him on his way.


29 thoughts on “Vehuiah”

  1. j. gabriel lopez

    hooo great Vehicuia ati I have entrusted my greatest desires and happinesses that I have wished in life, give me those fast feet to reach the help of others, but above all of my family, I must get ahead and I put my faith in you to help raise the spirits in times of anger and recover my strength to move forward do not let me lose what I built by my pride and my bad character I charge you to be by my side in difficult times and rejoice with me in times of good adventure VEHUIHA, VEHUIHA, VEHUIHA

  2. Ma. Asteria Renterîa Bañuelos

    What a beautiful story I am from August 10, 1964 ... HE IS MY ANGEL GUARDIAN

  3. The story of the angel is very beautiful and I can identify with everything I've experienced.

  4. I need the help of my angel vehicle, greetings to my angel I hope you read this and accompany me.

  5. I meant for every. See that I pray for others, I can invoke each Angel by name recognizing who and what they can do for us if God so allows. They are all beautiful, I love them and I greatly appreciate the help they have always given me. Thank you beautiful Angels welcome to my lige HONORABLE SERVERS OF GOD. I also ask for blessings for the creator of this blog.

  6. Even though Vehuiah is not the Angel in charge of me, I am reading one by one all the Angels. So that I can get to know them and every time I go, even if they are not my assigned Angel, I want to invoke them, call them and invite them to pass by me to talk to them and ask them in favor of other AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN. Each and every one of these lessons touches my soul. MANY BUT MANY THANKS my friends of the Light .

  7. Hello I knew that my guardian angel is vehuiah by my date of birth in an article I found on facebook but I realize that it appears also for other dates also has to see the day of the week I in particular was born on Sunday which corresponds to the color or blue ray by logic I am also protected by Michael archangel, I do not know if the archangel vehuiah belongs to the blue ray .

  8. Sandra Rodriguez garay

    Blessing of the angels. ..divine gift. ..thank you for your publications. .I love you

  9. Blanca Irma Rodríguez Rodríguez

    While reading the information I felt totally identified with the Angel, it seemed that he was reading me.

  10. Blanca Irma Rodríguez Rodríguez

    When I read the report it seemed that it was talking about me, I identified with the Angel.

  11. Happy to know that my Angel is so wonderful...!! He has helped me so much.... to discover myself and remind me of who I am...eternally grateful for your presence and help....I have so many qualities of his I have felt identified with Vehuiah....Thank youssss..... Always guide and help me 😛

  12. In good time it has come into my life! Thank you for providing this information! Now I know more about my beloved guardian angel! <30 Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! 😀

  13. I would like to know if there is the same angel for several example dates, VEHUIAH..... THANK YOU!!!!

  14. Thank you...I identify with the characteristics of the people who were born under your protection...I would like a prayer to be able to invoke you, and thank you...Greetings

  15. Hugo Cesar Giron

    I am confused, I really want to know which is my angel, I have reviewed many pages on the Internet about it and I find that in equal parts, some tell me that my angel is VEHUIAH, but I am confused by the fact that others tell me that my angel is MUMIAH, I was born on Monday March 20, 1967, please help me clarify this uncertainty and doubt, I appreciate your attention, God bless you all.

  16. Great all the commented, even I felt that they spoke of my person... incredible,, they would have some specific prayer for my angel VEHUIAH...

  17. 🙂 thank you for the stimulus of knowing who this being is that is continually trying to help me...I knew about him, but the article has given me complete information... In these difficult moments that I am living, he is my greatest strength, and through you, gentle beings, I give him my blessing and infinite thanks....



  19. crushed gaspar

    It is incredible the resemblance with our way of being, thanks for sharing....



  21. Alcira Sanchez Correa

    Searching I found this page and it is very nice thanks x share so nice prayers, but I would like to know each person how many angels correspond to us, so I have informed x zodiac sign has an angel, now this 2nd angel x day of birth, and by date of birth also corresponds to us another then ? thanks for extending this information, greetings from cali, valle, colombia , @lcira Sanchez C

  22. I just want to say that it is beautiful everything that is told and it is wonderful to know that everyone has a guardian angel who cares for us, guides us and protects us from everything bad that can happen to us thanks for letting us know

  23. Fleur de Marie

    It is amazing the story, of the description that is mentioned of Vehuiah there is quite a lot of my person with respect to the energy of my Angel, it is amazing, then just as our Protector Angel is, we develop that clear energy that in this plane of humans and learn to connect with our Master Within will make us find the answers of the obvious, know who we are, where we came from and where we should go; we are impressed with the wonder of our Protector Angel and what else to say, just that I give thanks for this information and confirm how much I am loved by the Creator, infinitely THANK YOU. I have been given the most beautiful thing that is to know how wonderful my Angel is, we are one with the One all in perfect harmony. Thank you again. Whoever has eyes to see, whoever has ears to hear, we are cells of Light, made of love, beauty, justice, wisdom and more. THANK YOU.

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