Attribute: God who punishes the bad.

Planet: Mars.

Angelic Choir: Powers.

Sephirah: Geburah.

Regency hours: from 8:40 to 9 hours.

It is invoked for:

  • Ask for protection against unfair attacks.
  • To give us knowledge of divine truths.
  • To succeed in business.
  • Cutting down on black magic when it's unfair.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]Evolved aspect: it's intelligent, balanced and mature. He manages to balance his individual instincts, accepting, without necessarily following the advice and demonstrations of affection of all. He has strong initiative and perseverance. His life is clear and full of joy. He has a noble and refined appearance. He will have protection against any kind of negative force and his power of action will be invincible. He will do everything in a lucid and thoughtful way and that is why his initiatives are successful. He will have an enormous capacity to know the future through oracles, dreams or projections, constantly revalidating his attitudes. He will be an advocate of science and the arts and will be able to mobilize a large number of people for an ideal. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

of those who plot in their hearts evil plans
and every day they encourage war.

Psalm 140:2


Malon was by no means what we might call a good boy, but on the contrary, his evil was so great that fame preceded him wherever he went.

He was well known and feared in all the neighborhoods and no one wanted him as a classmate.

That contempt caused the evil Malon to become even more angry than he was currently, and to reveal himself by violent acts, destroying everything in his path.

On a couple of occasions, the police had to intervene, and on one occasion they arrested him, but they just scared him and soon released him.

But Malon would not flinch from police threats and continued to spread terror wherever he went.

One morning it occurred to him to pay a visit to the school, surprising all those who passed him by.

His appearance was disastrous. He gave the impression that he had slept in the clothes he was wearing. Her hair was dishevelled and her face showed that she had not been in contact with water for days, perhaps months.

Everyone was moving away from him when he approached, but he didn't seem to care much about that on that day.

Following his instinct he went inside in one of the classes and once inside he sat down at a desk. Suddenly, as if it were an infectious plague, everyone left his side, remaining totally alone and isolated. But in an unexpected way and surprising even Malon himself, a boy approached him and with a kind smile on his lips, he said:

-Can I sit with you?

That request made the despised and feared Malon stutter, and even under the effects of his surprise, he answered:

-Yes, yes, you can sit down.

-Well, I think we'll be good friends, my name is Yerathel," said his new partner boldly.

-What makes you think I want to be your friend? -I ask with serenity, Malon.

-I have nothing against you. I do not consider you my enemy, nor do I think you will ever be, since even if you slander me, deceive me, even punish me, I will not consider it an offense. I will think that perhaps I have deserved it.

Those words managed to make the sleeping heart of that unfortunate boy beat again, who until now had felt rejected and despised by everyone.

That mysterious boy with his sincerity had gained her trust and made her feel alive again.

Since that day, Malon and his friend Yerathel lived very close and taught others that love must be offered to all beings even if sometimes they appear with the face of the enemy.


33 thoughts on “Yerathel”

  1. hello how to invoke my angel yerathel i want to communicate with him i would be very grateful if you would answer me

  2. If you pray every night and if you pray with pure feeling and a grateful and true heart, it is our angel who offers you all the good thoughts and good deeds. He likes them. How to offer up flowers on Sundays. Lighting candles for them. In his name he commits himself to exchange something for something requested. He will hardly ever leave our side. This angel lies in our heart is beautiful has helped me a lot. And we always have to know what birds we have more than one at our side.

  3. esteban garcia

    very nice story of this one that I have been informed through the internet is my guardian angel. congratulations for this informative service that many of us ignore. go on so I will read it.

  4. Rolando Alvarez

    What a beautiful story! Where can I find it?! Thank you for contributing light to this world.

  5. Romina Villegas Cosios

    Today I discover that Yerathel is my guardian angel, so I invoke his name to succeed in my new life project (business), protect me from the evil of people (black magic) and their protection with the bad and unjust people and make me reach the divine truths. Amen. my question how I invoke it????

  6. i really adore and love very much my guardian angel and protector yerathel to whom i ask to always take care of me and protect me from all evil and grant me the human immortality of my body and my spirit my soul never to die and to be a prosperous person that nothing and nobody deceives me and may the windows and doors of heaven and earth and of the whole great universe be opened to me and i am a person of goodness of existence and very blessed by the lord and my heavenly father i thank you my dear angel yerathel in the holy name of jesus christ amen att. lic. ney aybar mateo

  7. john jairo jimenez

    I want to know more about you and I hope you give me the prayer and write me about you 🙄

  8. receive a cordial greeting:
    that your angels protect them.
    I need to please how to invoke the angel yerathel.
    Thank you, have a happy start to the week.

  9. Ana Bellavista

    Like everyone else.... I'd also like to know how to invoke him. Greetings and thank you.

  10. Hello, thank you very much for sharing, but just like everyone
    I'd like to know if there's any special way to summon him.

  11. How do I summon my Angel Yerathel? Thank you very much Namaste jeannie 😀

  12. I love knowing about angels and I would like to know how to invoke the angel Yerathel


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