Attribute: Who like God.

Planet: Sun.

Angelic Choir: Principalities.

Sephirah: Tiferet.

Regency hours: from 1:40 p.m. to 2 p.m.

It is invoked for:

  • To have travel security.
  • Obtain obedience or discipline from subordinates.
  • Extracting negativity from people, places or things.
  • To expose all that is dark.

Those born under your regency:

[sociallocker id="356″]He will be knowledgeable about techniques and means to maintain large companies, distinguishing himself by his great diplomacy. He will have intense protection from his Regency Angel. He will be dignified, elevated, inspired and incorruptible. He will be able to be the confidant of citizens of high social, economic or political prestige and will collaborate faithfully with any person whose aim is to improve society. He will be loved by the most humble people and will attack evil and profiteering people. His message will always be one of optimism and faith, radiating energy of trust, inspiration and creativity. [/sociallocker]

Bible quote:

The Lord will protect you;
from all evil will protect your life.

Psalm 121:7


Young Mikael could not complain that life was treating him badly. He had all the pleasures society could offer him, and all because his father was so respected.

Since he was appointed president, there has not been a single day when luck has not smiled upon him. Everywhere he went everyone wanted to please him and please him.

At first that situation seemed to please the lucky young man, but after a while Mikael began to feel uncomfortable, not taking a single step that was not controlled. Everywhere he went he was known and he was not allowed to pay.

Without him being able to avoid it, his companions treated him differently from the others. Many envied him because he saw that he enjoyed privileges without doing merit to deserve them.

I was beginning to get fed up with everything. Mikael wanted to prove to everyone that he didn't want to receive favors he hadn't earned. It wasn't his fault he was the president's son.

He didn't know what to do to avoid arousing envy among his classmates, but he had to try, and he would have the chance to prove it to them, since in those days the date was approaching when every year the most deserving student was elected to represent the school in a national congress.

Mikael had the idea that if he ran and got elected by his own efforts, that would win their sympathy.

With special enthusiasm the young man started to work on the project. He hardly rested, as he wanted to present an excellent work.

In order to be elected, he had to draw up a program that would convince all the students that if they voted for him he would defend all their rights in Congress.

His father, who missed him in those days, was interested in what he was doing and wanted to tell him:

-Mikael, son, your mother told me that you are running for the school to represent him at the congress, is it true? -I ask nicely and with interest.

-Yes, Dad, but don't worry, it's not worth it, -I'm just trying to avoid the subject.

-I see you're humble. That's good for a candidate," said his father, "but maybe I should give you some advice, don't forget that I have experience in politics," he added as they laughed.

-Well, Dad, I... -I hesitantly express the young man.

-Nothing, there's nothing more to talk about, tomorrow I'll talk to the parents of some of your classmates and ask them to convince their children to vote for you. Help never comes amiss.

-No," Mikael shouted angrily, "you must not get involved in this matter, because you won't let me do anything on my own. I'm tired of everyone seeing the president's spoiled son in me. You don't understand, dad, I have to be myself. I like what I do and if I don't win, it won't be the end of the world either. Let me learn on my own. –

-I'm sorry, son, I didn't know I was hurting you," said his father, deeply affected.

-Don't worry, Dad, I've already forgotten," Mikael said, trying to be polite.

Mikael ran for election and won. His efforts were sincere and he was able to gain the trust of his colleagues. He was a good representative in the congress and that allowed him to be re-elected in the following years.


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  1. Hello!

    One question.
    Mikael is the same archangel Michael?

    I have never seen that representation (figure, photo).

  2. francis, it will be true what your heart says it is... when life goes wrong, it is because we do something wrong, the guardian angels are with us, yes, but to help us in extremely difficult moments, those that by themselves we could not face. put positive energy, they are tests that have to be passed, says someone who life gave many slaps and always turned the other cheek. they exist, I assure you a hug and lots of luck and up the courage !!!!

  3. I was born under his regency and it seems that I was described and did not know the history of my angel I am a representative of a mega-fraud millionaire in Puebla I need a lot of help

  4. I know you are always by my side, I don't know if Michael is your name, but thank you for your help, guidance and advice, thank you for all the pain you have avoided, thank you to the father/mother for your light in me.

  5. 😯 Unbelievable!! For some time now I have been seeing Michael in my meditations, but until today I did not know that he was my guardian by date of birth. I was always a very strong person until life knocked me down and he always appeared telling me that I should keep fighting. Thank you!! now I know I didn't dream it...

  6. I always wanted to know the name of my angel, my question is I am from February 16, 1961 and I was born at 4.30 am if there is any change because I do not understand when it says regency schedule, if you can inform me please thank you, blessings

  7. Francis is all in your mind, in the way you treat yourself, in your self-esteem, in your right to personal merit.
    Of course you have a protector, more than one, several. Miguel is the main one, your regent, the one who guides you, protects you. Just have faith, trust, believe it, give yourself that chance, get out your optimism and defeat the negativity. Work hard to be positive about yourself and you will see how things will turn out. Ask Miguel, say his prayers and ask him with faith.

  8. It's wonderful to work with Angel Miguel, but I didn't know he was my guardian angel.

  9. Interesting, of course I think I have an angel who takes care of me, I just didn't know which one. Could you please tell me which one is my angel to attract a man who really wants to make a home with me

  10. I don't know if this is true, I want to believe I need it, but I'm doing so badly that I find it hard to believe I have a protector ❓

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