Characteristics of the Angel Mumiah

Attribute: God end of all things.

Planet: Moon.

Angelic Choir: Guardians.

Sephirah: Yesod.

Regency hours: from 23:40 to 24 hours.

Music to invoke it:

It is invoked for:

  • Protecting us against magic operations we're not aware of.
  • Help us to have flexibility in the emotional side.
  • Protecting the poor and suffering.
  • Help us to see our emotional blocks.

Those born under your regency:

People born under his influence will be famous for their wonderful discoveries, they will discover secrets of nature and will always have words of strength and courage against evil and injustice. They like changes because they are renewing, always reformulating their way of thinking. He hates illusory things and will always be helping people who come out of oppressive or depressing states. They ceaselessly search for truth to reach a more objective situation in life. He will be endowed with a higher power, being able to trigger events for himself and others who need his initiative. He will fight for ideals and will work magnificently, reserving special attention to the study of the laws. He will attract wealth and power through his words and will be a deep connoisseur of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Bible quote:

Now you can, my soul, be calm,
that the Lord has been good to you!

Psalm 116:7


Many experiences in life are hard, but none is as hard as the loss of a loved one, and yet this view, which is very popular, did not seem to be shared by Yesod, the Young Yesod, who was saying goodbye to her beloved grandfather, the elderly Mumiah, at that time.

-You mustn't be sad little girl, sadness is not good for the heart, and besides you will grow old sooner.

They were the words of a dying man who struggled not to leave a bitter mark on the young woman's memory.

- How can I be happy when you're dying? -I answer with desolation Yesod, while making a desperate attempt not to cry.

-My daughter, I've lived 72 years and I'm proud of it. Life is beautiful, but it is only a reflection of the beauty that awaits you wherever I go. I am happy because I have done my job and now as a mature fruit I must leave this land to be reborn in another.

-But Grandpa, how can you be so sure of what you're saying? -I ask in anguish, the young lady.

-Ha, ha, ha," smiled the old man sweetly, "the years, my daughter, the years make us wise, does nature make us sad when one of her trees gives its ripe fruit to the earth? No, on the contrary, it is proud, because that fruit bears a new seed and it will be with its death that it will allow it to be reborn, to sprout and grow, becoming a tree again. Do you understand, little one? Everything in life follows that law of rebirth and change.

Young Yesod was left pensive. Those words had awakened her consciousness and now she saw things differently. She loved her grandfather, and yet now she was not unhappy about his departure, she was sure that wherever he was reborn everyone would be happy to welcome him.

The years passed and that young woman grew up following the advice that the old man had so wisely left her. From that day on, Yesod promised himself that he would not falter in his efforts to share with others the immense wealth he had inherited from his grandfather.

One day, and from the hands of misfortune, a war broke out. For seven bloody days, the villages were razed to the ground and the fields devastated.

The suffering, the pain and the desolation were the only breathable atmosphere and were already becoming so unbearable that many sought refuge in suicide.

Yesod was also a victim of that situation, but his attitude was very different. He drew courage from where there could be weakness and gave himself entirely to the service of needs.

There were so many of them that she hardly had any strength left to care for them all, but she did not lose heart, tiredness could not bring her down, and thanks to her untiring efforts, many sick people found relief, and those who were blinded by despair wanted to take their own lives. They soon changed their minds, for the wise words of Mumiah, the noble old man, had been more strongly renewed in the spirit of Yesod, who would become a sublime light that would illuminate their lives.


32 thoughts on “Mumiah”

  1. Meeting Mumiah made me see my mission in life and it is just as I imagined it, that which I always felt I could see in words.

  2. i am very grateful to have found my guardian angel, thank you my god from this day on i will be in love with him, he is my protector, and by chance my son's, blessed be you i welcome you mumiah

  3. Thank you, I am happy, excited, I will have my Guardian Angel in my mind every moment of my existence.

  4. Wonderful article, ...thank you, for letting me know that my guardian angel is Mumiah...wonderful angel indeed...and how true are the written words of those born under his regency...they describe me as they are...Infinite blessings for all...beautiful story that tells us who Mumiah is.

  5. excellent totally agree that's me !!!!!! my thanks God bless you today and always

  6. I want to thank my angel mumiah for always being with me I am as described in this website thank you through the knowledge of identifying with my angel

  7. Ana Fuentes Fernandez

    Ana fuentes 04-01-1947 thanks for this beautiful article I love the angels

  8. Thank you for giving us so many beautiful things. I am a fervent supporter of you...

  9. To get pregnant you ask Mother Mary or Virgin Mary whatever you want to call her. I know this from personal experience, related to friends and family. Success... And may the Blessed Virgin Mary grant you this wonderful wish of your soul.

  10. 😛 there is an angel for every profession ? what is the angel of the public accountant ?
    engineer and mathematician?

  11. Do you know which angel I should ask for help to get pregnant? I wish you could tell me, thank you.

  12. Algeria Cristina Rivera Ruiz

    For 15 years I have read about them and my obsession to divulge their existence is not compatible with my apparent personality. I love the angels, I love them, they are by my side every day and in every difficulty. I recommend you to attract them, place scented candles, they like flowers, they like crystalline water. Do not forget that there are specific angels for every profession, for every need

  13. ines marta aloisio

    ¡¡¡¡hello everyone, I am really excited because my personality, my temperament and my strength are just as my spirit and my angel mumiah reflect,
    thank you very much for such a precious image and article.kisses and hugs of light for all of us

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